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Tony Borne (1926-2010)

Real Name - Anthony Wayne Osborne

Lifespan - 7/13/1926 - 9/27/2010

5’9” 225 lbs. - Oak Grove, OR

Athletic Background - Wrestling [US Navy]

Teacher(s)Karl Pojollo, Ali Pasha

AliasesTony Borin, Tony Borrin

Peak Years - `58-`69

Place in History - “Tough” Tony Borne, the black-bearded fireplug bruiser out of the Pacific Northwest, is one of those often overlooked legends whose great accomplishments are almost forgotten to history.  He was from Columbus, Ohio, which a hot bed under Al Haft.  A capable amateur wrestler, Borne fit right in with pro-wrestling in that era.  During the 1950s, Tony Borne was a journeyman heel.  He was stocky and mean-looking, so he fit right into places like Texas and the Pacific Northwest.  Fans in those two regions liked physical pro-wrestling and Borne was a natural at that.  Moreover, he developed into an excellent heel who became known for his constant trash-talking in the ring, using his beard on opponents and Cannonball Jump kneedrop from the top rope.  “Tough” Tony had a wild style that made up for his short stature and rough look.  Borne even traveled to Mexico for two notable runs as a top heel.  He battled Blue Demon in the early 50s and Black Shadow in the late 50s, which cemented his place in the history of lucha libre.  In the 1960s, Borne settled in Oregon with his family.  It was during this period that he became a true legend in that area.  He worked on top feuding with the likes of the Destroyer and Curtis Iaukea.  Throughout the 1960s, he had runs in Texas working programs with the Brass Knuckles title or as part of a heel tag team.  Although he worked with a number of great bad guys, his most famous tandem is the one he formed with Kenny Mayne’s son Lonnie.  The salty veteran and the rough and tumble youngster simply clicked and were a dominant act in the late 1960s.  Eventually, Mayne came into his own and established his star as Tony Borne phased himself out.  He focused on his own real estate business, running spot shows, and helping out his son Matt, who became an exceptional wrestler with unfortunate personal demons.  Tony Borne, the pot-bellied old-timer, worked into the 1980s and sadly that is how many saw him and that is the bulk of surviving footage of him.  His health problems slowed him and he passed in 2010 and sadly his son, who achieved greater mainstream fame, died a few years later.