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Tony Anthony


Real Name - Darrell Anthony
Birthdate - 4/12/60
5’10” 235 lbs. - Knoxville, TN

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Steve Keirn, Ron Wright

Professional Background - Mid-Atlantic(`81-`82), Georgia(`81-`82), Toronto(`82), SWCW(`83), Houston(`83), Memphis(`83-`84), Cont'l(`86-`87), Memphis(`87), WCCW(`87), Cont’l(`88), USWA(`89-`94), GWF(`91), Mexico(`91-`92), SMW(`92-`96), WWF(`96-`97), Indies(`97-)

AliasesThe Invader, The Grappler #2, American Eagle II, The Dirty White Boy, Mighty Yankee, T.L. Hopper, Uncle Cletus

Groups - n/a

Peak Years - `87-`94

Finisher(s) - 
- Brainbuster
- Chokeslam

Favorites -
- Kneedrop
- Headbutt
- Driving Elbowdrop
- Overhead Forearm
- Measured Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - When the WWF decided to make an ill-fated turn to cartoonish gimmick wrestlers in the undercards, they brought in several quality veterans to play these roles.  Tony Anthony, once a top heel in various Southern promotions, was transformed into a heel plumber and the rest is history.  That brief run as TL Hopper overshadowed the preceding decade of exceptional work in a number of promotions.  Tony Anthony came up through the ranks and learned his trade well before his first notable run teaming with Len Denton.  The two worked as a pair of sinister masked heels, The Grapplers, as well as a pair of white trash scumbags, The Dirty White Boys, with both teams achieving success.  Curiously, Denton took the Grappler persona and became a successful booker in Portland, while Anthony adopted the Dirty White Boy character.  He formed another excellent team with Jerry Stubbs that had runs in San Antonio and later in Alabama.  Tony Anthony found his greatest success as the Dirty White Boy, particularly with his real-life wife accompanying him as the Dirty White Girl.  He was a classic Southern heel who grew up on and was trained by Knoxville legend Ron Wright.  A physical brawling heel, he had many memorable feuds in Alabama and Tennessee with Tom Pritchard, Brian Lee and the Armstrongs.  Despite the quality of his work, Anthony was a stocky, balding heel and his opportunities in the big promotions was limited.  Jim Cornette pushed him as a top heel in Smoky Mountain, which proved to be both the pinnacle of his career and the end of his notable success.  Following his WWF stint as TL Hopper and then the Godwinn’s manager Uncle Cletus, the Dirty White Boy returned to the Southern indies and found a regular job.  The decline of the territories meant the decline of opportunities for many excellent talents and Tony Anthony is perhaps as notable an example as there is.