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Terry Funk


Real Name - Terrance Funk
Birthdate - 6/30/44
6'1" 247 lbs. - Amarillo, TX

Athletic Background - Football (West Texas State), Wrestling

Teacher(s) - Dory Funk, Sr.

Professional Background - Amarillo(`65-`78), AWA(`65), Florida(`66) JWA(`70), Florida(`71), All Japan(`73-`84), Mid-Atlantic(`75), Florida(`75), Georgia(`78), Florida(`79), Puerto Rico(`79), SWCW(`80-`81), Los Angeles(`80), WWF(`85-`86), WCW(`89-`90), USWA(`90), ECW(`93-`94), FMW(`93), SMW(`94), WCW(`94), IWA(`95), ECW(`95-`97), WWF(`97-`98), WCW(`00-`01), Indies(`01-)

AliasesDr. Knowitall, The Texan, Chainsaw Charlie

Groups - J-Tex Connection, Funk Masters of Wrestling, Stud Stable, Millionares' Club

Peak Years - `74 -`83

Finisher(s) - 
- Spinning Toehold 
- Small Package 
- Moonsault 
- Piledriver 
- Rolling Cradle

Favorites - 
Running Atomic Drop
Back Suplex
Swinging Neckbreaker
Spinning Foot Eyerake
Jabs & Left-Hand Haymaker

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - What can you say about Terry Funk? Some consider him the greatest ever, while it's hard to give a definite on a label like that, Funk certainly has many of the aspects that put him in the contention for such a billing. Longevity is perhaps the overwhelming factor in Terry Funk's greatness. The fact is fans from the 70s, 80s and 90s have all seen different versions of the Funk and many of them were great. In the 70s, he enjoyed a solid NWA title run, displaying he could handle a very trying schedule and at that time he was unquestionably one of the very best in the world. Funk was a wild brawler with some goofiness added that rubbed some traditionalists the wrong way in terms of a champion. By thirty-five, Funk had already ensured his place in wrestling history with a generation of fans and future wrestlers. After his NWA title days, his best efforts were spent in Japan where he and brother Dory had numerous legendary matches with some of the best in the world. Those years in rising All Japan saw the Funks become the first gaijins expected as babyfaces and he became a legend on that side of the Pacific. He returned to the US with the WWF and than the NWA to show he was still damn good, getting good matches out of the WWF's slow heavies and having a classic feud with Ric Flair. "Middle-aged and crazy" Funk on bad wheels connected with a generation of fans with his intense brawling style and madman antics. His next return showed even in fifties, he could still go and helped get garbage groups (FMW, IWA and ECW) on the map. Focusing on brawling, bumping and bleeding, the Funker was able to capture a strong fanbase amongst the emerging bloodthirsty teens. This ensured Funk's spot in the 90s and yet another generation was conquered. While his game has dropped off significantly, Funk is still a hard worker and does many of the things that made his legacy. Having an impact on four distinct groups: loyal NWA fans of the 70s, serious Japanese fans of the 70s and 80s, the "big two" fans of the late 80s and the hardcore fans of the 90s has certainly made him an unprecedented figure in wrestling history. Terry Funk's seemingly universal appeal undoubtedly places him in a bracket of a select few wrestlers.