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Terry Garvin

Real NameTerry Joyal

Lifespan - 4/9/37 - 8/17/98

6’ 260 lbs. - Montreal, QUE

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Pat Curry [Loisirs St. Jean de Baptiste Gym]

AliasesTerry Dobec

Peak Years`65-`74

Place in HistoryWas the late Terry Garvin wrongfully smeared during the surge of homophobia in early 1990s or was he a long-time sexual predator who was finally revealed, rightly punished and historically marginalized?  We may never quite know the answer, but it is suffice to say that prior to that turn-of-events, Terry Garvin had a favorable reputation as one of the great “gay” heels and someone with a great head for pro-wrestling.  Terry Joyal came out of Quebec in a time when local boys had to leave to get their start.  Another youngster out of the same school would become his tag partner and they became one of premier tag teams of the late 1960s and early 1970s.  The Garvins, Terry and Ron, were a tremendous act for that era.  Ron was the straight man (quite literally) and Terry provided all the gaga that drew heat by bringing out a pink mat, effeminately fainting or prancing around in his flamboyant sequined outfits.  Terry Garvin was a top-notch villain who played a self-absorbed primadonna, which was enhanced by his lumpy body, big nose and stringy bleach blond hair.  The team toured the South throughout the year and summered in Ontario with great success all around.  The Garvins were, by most accounts, an excellent tag team that could generate serious heat.  They took a hiatus and Terry formed partnerships with Bobby Shane, Duke Myers and others with varying levels of success.  He also added a young Jimmy Garvin as a manager, playing a man-servant role.  The two reunited in Tennessee, but they were not personally close and Ronnie had potential for bigger things.  Terry settled into Kansas City, doing some booking before being brought into the WWF by long-time friend Pat Patterson.  Garvin was Patterson’s assistant booker, worked as a road agent and ran the ring crew at various times.  This was until the sex scandal broke and Terry Garvin was accused of making advances at young boys who were hoping for jobs in the WWF.  This was during the height of homophobia and a media blitz led Garvin, Patterson and announcer Mel Phillips to resign.  Terry Garvin became a figure whose legacy was tainted irreparably by the accusations.  His years as a top heel, a respected psychologist and a master of the art of pro-wrestling were wiped out in a short few months. Was Garvin the predatory deviant who pulled rank on underaged boys that he has long been paint as?  Was he simply a gay man who was pursuing young lovers, not unlike many straight men would, only to be demonized?