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John Tenta

Real Name - John Tenta
Lifespan - 6/22/63 - 6/7/06
6'6” 400 lbs. - Vancouver, BC

Athletic Background - Sumo (Makushita), Wrestling, Football (Louisiana State)

Teacher(s) - Giant Baba; Al Tomko

Professional Background - All Japan(`87-`89), All Star[Vancouver](`89), WWF(`89-`94), WAR(`94), UWFI(`94), WCW(`94-`98), WWF(`98-`99), Indies(`00-`04)

AliasesKototenzan, Big John Tenta, The Canadian Earthquake, Earthquake, Avalanche, Shark Attack, Shark, Golga

Groups - Faces of Fear, Dungeon of Doom, Oddities

Peak Years - `90-`94

Finisher(s) - 
- Earthquake Splash (Sitting Splash)

Favorites -
- Powerslam
- Belly-to-Belly
- Bearhug
- Jumping Elbowdrop
- Stepping on Chest

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - John Tenta will probably most fondly be remembered alongside giants such as King Kong Bundy, Kamala, the One Man Gang and the Big Bossman as men vanquished by Hulk Hogan during his legendary WWF run.  His career before and after that time might not be as impressive, but he spent a decade making a good living and traveling the world.  Tenta was a hefty Canadian kid who was pretty successful at any athletic feat he took on from amateur wrestling and football in high school and university to sumo and pro-wrestling in Japan.  He was big, strong and agile for his size.  In sumo, he was one of the first foreigners to be welcomed into the fold, although he had a relatively short stay.  He transitioned to pro-wrestling with Giant Baba’s All Japan as well as Al Tomko’s Vancouver-based promotion.  A balding, heavyset wrestler who appeared to be much older than his actual age, John Tenta amazingly was brought into the WWF after a couple years.  His work was decent, he was a convincing heel and he was pushed strongly as Earthquake.  After his run as a top heel, he was partnered with Typhoon (Fred Ottman) to form the Natural Disasters.  It was a successful heel team for a while before both men moved on.  Tenta was among Hulk Hogan’s crew that came into WCW and he worked a few more years under several forgettable personas.  Tenta returned to the WWF under a hood for a short midcard run.  Unfortunately, it was these years that dominate John Tenta’s legacy.