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Real Name - Peter Senerchia

Birthdate - 10/11/67

5'8" 248 lbs. - Brooklyn, NY

Athletic Background - Judo, Wrestling, Football

Teacher(s) - Johnny Rodz

Professional Background - Indies(`90-`94), New Japan, ECW(`93-`99), WWF/WWE(`00-`09), TNA(`09-)

AliasesKid Krush, Tasmanian Devil, Tasmaniac, Pete Tazello, Tazz

Groups - The Brotherhood, Team TAZ, The Alliance, Aces & Eights

Peak Years - `95-`99

Finisher(s) - 

- Tazmission (Rear Naked Choke)

- T-Bone Suplex (Exploder)

Favorites -

- Tazplexes (Various Suplexes)

- Fujiwara Armbar

- Bodyslam

- Brooklyn Boot (Yakuza Kick)

- Lariat

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 

 Entertainment 7
 Selling 6 
 Bumping 6 
 Carrying 5
 Heat 7
 Legacy 5

Place in History - Peter Senerchia was a good athlete with a legit background, but seemed to lack the height and experience to really get anywhere. However, he was the right guy in the right place. As the Tasmaniac, he was brought into the fledgling ECW and eventually worked his way up the ladder. He was paired with the company's biggest native star, Sabu, which led to him becoming something special. After Sabu's departure, he went from a goofy-looking brawler to a fearsome fighter and shortly after he broke his neck. He came back with a new name, new style and new aura that was a little bit of the old Tasmaniac and a little bit of a UFC-type fighter to make Taz. He was pushed hard and made out to be a killer. As a bad ass heel, Taz was an island unto himself in ECW for the bulk of his run. He was one of the Paul Heyman's greatest projects and remained loyal to the company as long as he could. The WWF was not the deathblow for Taz, it never really could have used him in the same way. He was given several chances, but his limitations showed too strongly. He signed in fall of `99 and by the next year he was feuding with Jerry Lawler, a semi-active announcer. The ECW invasion could have been his chance, but they killed it. He was lost in the Alliance shuffle and relegated to the low-rent Hardcore division. Tazz was given a lot of TV time with Tough Enough, WWF never capitalized on it. Soon after he retired from the ring and began as the color commentator on Smackdown. Tazz has become a key part of the show due to his presence and is finally making an impact in the company. He grew frustrated with the position over time and eventually left for TNA like many others. His tenure there has done nothing for his legacy.