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Terry Taylor


Real Name - Paul Worden Taylor III
Birthdate - 8/12/56
6' 210 lbs. - Atlanta, GA

Athletic Background - Wrestling, Swimming, Diving (High School)

Teacher(s) - Jack Brisco, Steve Keirn

Professional Background - Florida(`79), Knoxville(`80), Georgia(`80), Kansas City(`81), Memphis(`81), Knoxville[Crockett](`82), Mid-South(`84), Mid-Atlantic(`84-`86), Mid-South/UWF(`86-`87), WCCW(`87), WWF(`88-`90), All Japan(`90), WCW(`90), WWF(`92), WCW/New Japan(`93), WCW(`95-`99), WWF(`99), WCW(`99-`01), Indies(`01-), TNA(`03-`11)

AliasesDr. Feel Good, Red Rooster

Groups - First Family, Heenan Family, York Foundation

Peak Years - `81-`88

Finisher(s) - 
- Five-Arm (Flying Forearm)
- Cock-of-the-Walk (Figure-Four Variation)
- Doctor Bomb

Favorites -
- Backbreaker
- Back Suplex
- High Cross Body
- Suplex
- Armdrag

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - One of the big misses in modern wrestling, Terry Taylor went from one of the fastest rising stars in the mid-80s to someone that was almost worthless in the early 90s. His good looks gave him a jump start early in his career and his in-ring game was not far behind. When he settled in Mid-South, Taylor seemed to be destined for great things under Bill Watts. He was pushed hard as the boy-next-door type of babyface. The fans loved him and he was certainly over, but never as a main eventer. Despite his talent and look, a lack of intensity prevented Taylor from staying on top. He was never able to shake that problem and it would cost him his career. Most of his peers were able to escape to the North before Jim Crockett Promotions absorbed the UWF, Taylor was not one of them. He was run through the mud by JCP and the WWF and left spoiled goods. The youngster who had such great potential in Florida a decade early was seemingly worthless as the 90s rolled in. Taylor's physical peak was past him and he was forced to become a suit. Terry Taylor may be remember many different ways, unfortunately the Red Rooster is one of them. He could also be considered in a pack of guys like Kerry Von Erich and Rick Martel whose good looks and athleticism should have put them on top of the world in the late 80s, but they prevented it from happening. For Taylor it was a lack of color and a certain flavor that sadly ended his career before it ever took off.