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Yoshihiro Takayama

Real Name - Yoshihiro Takayama
Birthdate - 


6'5" 249 lbs. - Tokyo, Japan

Athletic Background - 

Muay Thai

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - 

UWFi(`91-`96), Kingdom(`96-`97), All Japan(`98-`00), NOAH(`00-`02), Pride FC(`01-`02), Free(`02-)

Aliases - none

GroupsGolden Cups, Team Kingdom, Triangle of Power, Suzuki-Gun

Peak Years - `96-`04


- Everest (High-Angle German) Suplex

- Jumping Knee

- Double-Arm Suplex

- Cross Armbreaker

- Clenched Knee

- Punches/Slaps

Ringwork Rating


Intangibles Rating


Place in History - 

Place in History
- What a difference a decade makes. Before Pride FC, before the blonde mane, before the plump body, Yoshihiro Takayama was a much different man. In his UWFi days, Takayama was a tall and lean.  His size gave him a level of credibility, but his work prevented him from breaking out.  After the UWFi fell, they did a couple invasion angles and in the second one, Takayama found his footing.  Between that run and his time in the UWFi’s lower level successor Kingdom, Yoshihiro Takayama had enough value that All Japan brought him in.  He was big, imposing and had some intensity.  Partnering with Takao Omori as Team No Fear, jumping to NOAH and bleaching his hair helped Takayama move forward.  Interestingly, it was his decision to fight in Pride FC that pushed him to new heights.  Dozens of pro-wrestlers had tried their hand at MMA and most had lost and lost in insignificant or uneventful fights.  Takayama had four fights over a twenty month period, lost them all, lost quickly and decisively, but displayed his fighting spirit and made his name.  Everything came together for Takayama as his star power peaked at the same time as his in-ring work and he was arguably the biggest Japanese pro-wrestling star of the 2000s.  Although health problems and injuries slowed him down, Takayama still has name value and continues to work regularly as a freelancer.