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Nobuhiko Takada


Real Name - Nobuhiko Takada
Birthdate - 4/12/62
6' 210 lbs. - Isogoku, Yokohama, Japan

Athletic Background - Mixed Martial Arts

Teacher(s) - [New Japan Dojo]

Professional Background - New Japan(`80-`84), Canada(`83), UWF(`84-`85), New Japan(`85-`87), UWF(`88-`90), UWFI(`91-`95), New Japan(`96), Kingdom(`96-`98), Pride(`97-), HUSTLE(`04-)

Aliases - Generalissimo Takada, The Esperanza

Groups - Team UWF, Team UWFI, Takada Dojo, Monster Army

Peak Years - `85-`96

Finisher(s) - 
- Cross Armbreaker
- Crossface Chickenwing

Favorites -
- Dragon Suplex
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Heel Hook
- Jumping Solebutt
- Mid Kick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - If you ask many who was the biggest star of the worked shoot genre many will say Nobuhiko Takada. He was one of the supporting juniors during the Tiger Mask days, but eventually he left for the UWF. While he was still lower on the pecking order when the first UWF was around, his success after many of the UWFers rejoined New Japan elevated him significantly. Then when the UWFi reformed he was its uncontested top star. Similar to Akira Maeda (UWF's top star) in RINGS, the group's success seemed to hinge on Takada's presentation. Luckily he, like Maeda, was able to portray himself as a legit tough guy and soon garnered a cult following. Takada's battles with foreign monsters (Vader and Gary Albright) and native up-and-comers (namely Kazuo Yamazaki) were the company's lifeblood in the few years they were around. Again Takada was able to use his successes in the worked shoot world to take him to the next level in the pro-wrestling world. Capturing the IWGP title and latter battling WAR kingpin Genichiro Tenryu showed the traditional pro wrestling fans he could work very well. What really cemented his status was his jump into MMA in the late 90s. Despite no real legit background, Takada's marketability made the Pride Fighting Championship a hit. While he was protected and only actual won worked fights the group never could have gotten off the ground without a star of his notoriety. Taking on the company's best: Rickson Gracie, Mark Coleman, Royce Gracie, Igor Vovchanchyn and Mirko "Crocop" Filopovic, he was able to bring in the fans who eventually picked up on the very talented fighters underneath. Dream Stage Entertainment (Pride's parent company) eventually began promoting over-the-top pro-wrestling events. This group, HUSTLE, featured Takada as the top heel leader of the Monster Army. This gave his career yet another interesting chapter. One of the most important figures in both puroresu and mixed martial arts, Nobuhiko Takada is certainly a crossover star like no other.