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Stu Hart (1915-2003)


Real NameStewart Edward Hart
Lifespan5/3/1915 - 10/16/2003
??? - Edmonton, Alberta

Athletic BackgroundWrestling (Canadian Champion), Football (CFL), Baseball

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - n/a

Aliases - none

Peak Years40s-50s

Place in History -  Considered amongst the toughest wrestlers of all-time, Stu Hart is held in very high reverence amongst wrestling's inner sanctum. Growing up the hardest way possible, Hart had to work hard to get where he wanted to go in life, which made him a rugged individual - perfect for wrestling. A talented athelete, Stu Hart trained his body to be one of the best anateurs in the world, but ultimately fell short of his dreams of Olympic glory (due to World War II). After his days as a successful amateur he ventured into the world of professional wrestling and he carved a niche there quite quickly. His prestige afforded him the ability and resources to begin booking in his former home of Edmonton and shortly thereafter in his new home of Calgary. Stampede became a fixture in Western Canada for the next thirty plus years and produced some of the best wrestling around combining talents from North America with those from Europe and Japan.