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Chief Jay Strongbow (1929-2012)


Real Name -  Joseph Luke Scarpa 

Birthdate - 10/15/1932 - 4/3/2012
6'2" 265 lbs. - Philadelphia, PA

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Mid-Atlantic(`57), Nashville(`58), Los Angeles(`59), Nashville(`59), Gulf Coast(`60), Nashville(`61), Florida(`62), Georgia(`62), Nashville(`64), Florida(`67-`69), Georgia(`69-`70), WWWF(`70-`77), Gulf Coast(`75), Detroit(`77), WWWF(`79-`85),  WWC(`80), WWF(`85-`94)

Aliases - Joe Scarpa

Groups - none

Peak Years - `72-`77

Finisher(s) - 
- Sleeper 
- Indian Deathlock 
- Thesz Press 
- Running Crosschop 
- Victory Roll

Favorites - 
- Kneelift 
- Tomahawk Chop (Overhead Chop) 
- Flying Head Scissors 
- Turnbuckle Smash 
- Measured Punch 

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 

 Selling 8

Place in History - There are many incredible stories of pro-wrestlers toiling away from years before a metamorphosis led them to becoming a legendary character.  Joe Scarpa worked in television golden era throughout the Southeast.  A good-looking Italian babyface, Scarpa worked as a semi-final or on top with a more high-profile partner.  He honed his craft and was a actually on the downside of his career physically when he totally changed into the stereotypical Indian babyface - Chief Jay Strongbow.  Now this solid hand had a gimmick and in the 1970s there were few hotter babyfaces around.  Since he caught fire with the WWWF, Strongbow was able to stay there for nearly twenty-five years as a maineventer, semi-final babyface, tag team wrestler and later as an agent.  His main spot was as the babyface that worked heels going into feuds with the champion.  The Chief stayed over huge though with his excellent selling and famous warpath comeback.  The forty-something was a real player and in battles with Superstar Billy Graham, Greg Valentine and Spiros Arion everybody got over.  After retiring, Strongbow became an infamous road agent whose negativity and political stroke made him the enemy of many.  Some grave tragedies befell him and he is very rarely featured in WWE history despite his great contributions to the company.