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Adrian Street


Real Name - Adrian Street

Birthdate -12/5/40

5’7” 175 lbs. - Brynmawr, South Wales

Athletic Background - Wrestling (Forrester's Amateur Club), Boxing, Bodybuilding

Teacher(s) - Chic Osmond

Professional Background - Britain(`57-`81), Los Angeles(`82), Memphis(`82-`85),  Florida(`83), Georgia, Mid-Atlantic, SWCW(`83-`84), Mid-South(`84), SECW[Alabama](`85), GWF(`91)

AliasesTarzan Boy Jonathan

Groups - Boyd's Commonwealth Army, The Dynasty

Peak Years - `83-`85

Finisher(s) - 
- Sleeper

Favorites - 

- European Uppercutt

- Turnbuckle Smash

- Stomping

- Eye Gouge

- Overhead Forearm

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In the Southern United States during the 1980s, an over-the-top “gay” act would draw heat no matter what.  However, Exotic Adrian Street managed to craft a character that was unlike any other and it has never been duplicated.  The son of a Welsh coal miner, Adrian grew up tough and valued physical fitness.  Pro-wrestling provided an escape from the mines and he began working the circuit in the late 50s.  Street was a solid talent, but his willingness to push the envelope helped him became a true star.  He bleached his hair, he added some color to his wardrobe and he began working as a heel.  Street altered his look with an edgy glam rock approach as part of the Hell’s Angels with Bobby Barnes.  The partnership was very successful and helped each man catapult themselves as singles stars.  Adrian was in position to take over Jackie Pallo’s spot as the most flamboyant star on the scene, but he never quite reached that top echelon.  In the 1980s, an opportunity to work in the US came up and he ended up having the best years of his career.  While the style and approach in the United States was very different and British talent rarely moved out of the midcard, Adrian Street was able to amplify his flamboyant character and work on top in several territories.  Street also had a distinct style coming from the British tradition that when combined with his viciousness gave him a legit air of toughness.  His prancing around, his kissy faces and his outrageous costumes, combined with his eye gouging, fishhooking and finger-splitting incensed fans to an amazing degree.  Another key component to Adrian’s act was his valet (and real-life wife) Miss Linda, whose presence furthered the ambiguity of his sexuality and enraged crowds even more.  Atypically of a heel, Adrian recorded a number of songs with titles like “I’m in Love with Me”, “Sweet Transvestite with Broken Nose” and “Sadist in Sequins,” which further developed his enigmatic persona.  For a few years, “Exotic” Adrian Street was a hot act.  He was in his forties though and the decline of the territory system brought an end to his active career.  Adrian and Miss Linda settled in Florida, where they ran a school for a time, did costuming work and did some indy shots and appearances.  Adrian Street is one of the most unforgettable characters, but his time as a top heel was very brief.  While he was a colorful character in Britain and one of only a select few to find success abroad, few would consider him one of the greatest British wrestlers or even one of the greatest flamboyant heels.  While not a trailblazer in some people’s eyes, Adrian Street created a niche for himself and created one of the most distinct heels of all-time.