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Trish Stratus

Real Name - 

Patricia Stratigias

Birthdate - 12/18/75

5'4" 124 lbs. - Toronto, ONT

Athletic Background - 

Skiing, Fitness Modeling, Gymnastics

Teacher(s) - 

Ron Hutchinson; Fit Finlay

Professional Background - 


Aliases - none

Groups - 


Peak Years - `03-`06

Finisher(s) - 

- Stratusfaction (Bulldog variations)

- Chick Kick (Pump Kick)

Favorites -

- Stratusphere (Handstand Head Scissors)

- Flapjack

- Thesz Press with Punches

- Lariat

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - 

The WWF/WWE has a long tradition of narrowly focusing on stars, especially their female stars.  First, it was Wendi Richter, later it was Alundra Blayze and Sable and Chyna during the Attitude Era.  All four ladies had their appeal and abilities and all three left on bad terms and never achieved the same level of success afterward.  Trish Stratus, like Sable, had a background in modeling, however she was a lifelong wrestling fan.  Stratus was initially a manager, who mainly gained attention as the new blonde with breast implants.  She was eventually put into an angle with Vince McMahon and showed both her willingness to do anything to get over and her charisma as a heel.  Trish Stratus eventually turned babyface and when Lita went out with neck injury, she was quickly catapulted into the top spot.  She had a series of feuds with heels like Jazz, Molly Holly and Victoria that pushed the WWE Women’s Division to its greatest heights.  The girls were mentoring under Fit Finlay and Trish was able to emerge as perhaps the best “diva” the company had ever had.  In an effort to freshen up her character, she turned heel on Chris Jericho and sided with Christian.  The physical toll of the heavy road schedule began catching up with her and she began struggling with injuries.  Like most other Divas, she saw opportunities outside of the WWE passing her by and body breaking down.  Her last storyline was a bizarre one, but it helped launch the career of her successor Mickie James.  Stratus went out on top, has had several return matches with the company and has been recognized and will long be romanticized as the greatest WWE diva.  Trish Stratus was everything the company had been looking for and should be commended for her many accomplishments.  She had supermodel looks, a charming personality and an undeniable presence.  She also had a dedication to improving, a loyalty to the company that promoted her and a pragmatism about her value and talents.  There have been bigger stars and better wrestlers, but Trish Stratus will always be remembered far more favorably than any of them.