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The Stomper


Real NameArchie Gouldie
Birthdate - 2/11/44
6'2" 260 lbs. - Carbon, ALB

Athletic BackgroundFootball (CFL)

Teacher(s) - Stu Hart

Professional BackgroundStampede(`62), Amarillo(`63), Kansas City(`64-`66), San Francisco(`66), Stampede(`67-`69), Kansas City(`70,`72), Stampede(`7?-`84), Florida(`74-`75), Memphis(`75), Tennesee(`76-`79), Memphis(`79), Georgia(`80), SECW[Alabama](`80-`81), Knoxville(`81), SECW[Alabama](`81-`82), Knoxville[Crockett](`82), SWC(`82-`83), WWC(`82), Memphis(`85), Knoxville(`88-`90), SMW(`94,`95)

AliasesArchie Gouldie, The Mongolian Stomper

Groups -  Death Squad, Gary Hart's Army, Midnight Express Inc.

Peak Years`64-`72

Place in HistoryArchie Gouldie was a fantastic athlete who Stu Hart took a liking to after his days in the CFL. Hart trained Gouldie before sending him all over the United States for seasoning. After finding his niche as "The Mongolian Stomper" in Kansas City, Gouldie's stock began to rise fast. The Stomper had a menacing look with his frightening eyes and thickly muscled body, early on he wore a Fu Manchu moustache and a long ponytail (to become Mongolian), but most of his career he went without. The Stomper was a regular challenger to the NWA World title through the 60s and 70s and was a top star in many territories, Stampede being the most notable. He stayed a main eventer in Calgary through the mid-80s and remained a convincing heel all along. Gouldie retired to Knoxville, where he joined the sheriff's department. In the 90s, Gouldie still worked indy shows from time to time and also continued competing in endurance events despite being in his 60s. The Stomper is one of the great stars of Canadian wrestling history and his longevity is something few have or will match.