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Scott Steiner

Real Name - Scott Carl Rechsteiner
Birthdate - 7/29/62
6'2" 270 lbs. - Bay City, MI

Athletic Background - Wrestling (University of Michigan)

Teacher(s) - Don Kent, Jerry Graham Jr., The Sheik

Professional Background - Ohio(`86), WWA(`86-`87), Memphis(`88-`89) WCW(`89-`92), New Japan, WWF(`93-`94), ECW(`95), WCW(`96-`01), WWA(`01-`02), New Japan(`02), WWE(`02-`04), Indies(`04-), TNA(`06-`10), WWC(`10), TNA(`11-`12), RKK(`12)

AliasesScott Rexsteiner, Scott Rechsteiner

Groups - Dudes with Attitudes, New World Order, nWo Black & White, nWo Silver & Black, Millionares' Club, Magnificent Seven, Planet Jarrett, Christian Coalition, Main Event Mafia

Peak Years - `91-`01

Finisher(s) - 
Steiner Recliner (Mounted Reverse Chinlock)
- Frankensteiner (Top Rope Rana)
- Steiner Flatliner (Complete Shot)
- Frankensteiner
- Steiner Screwdriver (Suplex into Piledriver)

Favorites -
- Belly-to-Belly variations
- Samoan Drop from second turnbuckle
- Lariat
- "Posing" Elbowdrop
- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Scott Steiner has two distinctive different careers.  One as a top-notch worker as half of the legendary Steiner Brothers tag team.  The other is as his over-the-top “Big Poppa Pump” character.  One could make the case that either run is worthy of Hall of Fame status and the combination certainly makes Scott Steiner a sometimes unheralded great of the last twenty-five years.  Following in his older brother Rick’s footsteps, Scott was an All-American wrestler at the University of Michigan before going pro.  While Rick was the more accomplished amateur, Scott was more athletic and more of a traditional looking babyface.  The brothers began partnering up not long after Turner purchased WCW and were immediately propelled into the mix with teams like the Road Warriors, the Midnight Express and the Freebirds.  The team was a perfect combination.  Rick played a goofy brute as the “Dog-Faced Gremlin” complete with mismatched boots and amateur headgear while Scott was a muscled up babyface with a  revolutionary arsenal of moves, including the “Frankensteiner.”  They also found success in Japan as a premier foreigner team near the level of the Road Warriors, Brody & Hansen and Williams & Gordy.  For the better part of a decade, the Steiners were a dominant tag team everywhere they went.  Interestingly, Scott left WCW following a dispute with Bill Watts stemming from Watts wanting to have Scott turn heel on Rick.  In 1998, Scott made that jump, transformed and became a top heel in WCW.  He became "Big Poppa Pump" - a modern day version of Superstar Graham. Although his body was breaking down and many might have thought him to be a shell of his former self, Scott Steiner emerged as one of WCW’s biggest stars in its dying days.  He took the jacked up look and arrogance of Graham and ramped it up with an unpredictability and hard edge that got him over strongly.  Following the death of WCW, Scott Steiner had a poorly booked run in the WWF.  In TNA, he found his stride again as both a heel and a babyface, as a supporting single star and an effective tag wrestler.  Scott Steiner and his two separate characters were both successful in their own times and in their own ways, a feat that only the best pro-wrestlers have been able to pull off over the years.