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The Spoiler (1940-2006)


Real Name - Donald Jardine
Lifespan - 3/24/1940 - 12/16/2006
6’4” 250 lbs. - Moncton, New Brunswick

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Donny Callow

Professional Background - Maritimes(`55-`59), Toronto(`59), Calgary, North Bay, Maritimes, Indianapolis, Amarillo, Portland, San Francisco[AWA](`62-`68), Japan(`63), Los Angeles(`64), St. Louis(`64), Vancouver(`66-`67), Dallas(`67-`71), Australia(`69), Tri-State(`69,`71), WWWF(`72), Mid-Atlantic(`73-`75), Georgia(`75-`76), WWC(`76), AWA(`77-`78), Florida(`78), Dallas(`79), Florida(`81), Georgia(`84), WWF(`84), Florida(`93-`94)

AliasesSonny Cooper, Babyface Jardine, The Avenger, The Butcher, Masked Enforcer #2, The Masked Spoiler, Super Destroyer

Groups - Legion of Doom

Peak Years - `68-`77

Finisher(s) - 
- Clawhold
- Reverse Backbreaker
- Butterfly Suplex

Favorites -
- Rope-Assisted/Ropewalk Forearm Smash
- Flying Bionic Elbow
- Rope Choking
- Overhead Forearm
- Thumb to the Throat

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In pro-wrestling sometimes the mask makes the man and that was never more apparent than when Don Jardine put on the hood and transformed into the Spoiler.  An impressively big man with natural athleticism, Jardine struggled throughout the 1960s to find his place in the sport he loved.  All the elements were there already.  He was a seasoned talent who had played the heel role in a few places, he had worked under a hood, he had done the black glove gimmick and it all just needed to be pieced together and put over.  In Dallas, the Spoiler was born.  Alongside manager Gary Hart, opposite Fritz Von Erich and armed with his own version of the claw, the pro-wrestling scene had a new top heel.  Over the next fifteen years, he would remain a top heel everywhere he went.  Although many of his peers thought highly of him and his work, Jardine was a notorious hot head who had altercations with Joe Blanchard, Dory Funk, Sr., Ralph Freed and a number of bookers over the years.  This might have shortened some of his runs, but he was always able to find work elsewhere.  Masked men are sometimes criticized as being unable to project and show emotion, but the Spoiler had an intensity and heartlessness that made him a fearsome heel.  The Spoiler was a top heel in Georgia, Florida and Mid-Atlantic, but kept returning to Texas over the years and eventually was revered enough to become a babyface.  Although he spent some time working as the Super Destroyer and had a few forgettable stints, the Spoiler had firmly established himself as one of the great heels of the territorial era.  His legacy was so strong in Texas that there have been Spoiler clones and even a young Mark Calloway, later known as the Undertaker, began copying his stuff and was hyped as Jardine’s protege.  Following his career in the ring, Jardine headed back to Canada and filled his final days working in various art mediums before leukemia claimed his life.