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Tracy Smothers


Real Name - Tracy Smothers
Birthdate - 9/2/62
6'1" 235 lbs. - Nashville, TN

Athletic Background - Football (College), Martial Arts

Teacher(s) - Tojo Yamamoto

Professional Background - Indies(`82-`86), Mid-South(`86), Memphis(`86), Florida(`87), Cont'l(`88-`89), New Japan(`8?), USWA(`89), WCW(`90-`92), SMW(`92-`95), All Japan(`93), W*ing(`95), USWA(`95-`97), IWA-Japan(`95), WWF(`95-`98), ECW(`98-`00), Indies(`00-), XPW(`00;`02-`03)

AliasesSteve Lane, Young Pistol Tracy, New Jason the Terrible, Freddie Joe Floyd, Shaquille Ali

Groups - Armstrong Army, Nation of Domination, FBI (Full Blooded Italians), ECW Japan

Peak Years - `88-`95

Finisher(s) - 
- Jaw Jacker (Flying Back Elbow)
- Southern Kick (Jumping Back Kick)

Favorites -
- Jumping Back Elbow
- Flying Twisting Bodypress
- Superkick
- Dropkick
- Backfist

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - As the Southern territories began drying up, there were a number of great talents that lost their homes.  Tracy Smothers, the "Wild-Eyed Southern Boy", was one of the best examples of this.  He thrived in the various Southern promotions like Continental, USWA, Smoky Mountain and WCW in the early 1990s, where he was a great fist-pumping babyface.  It is no surprise that Smothers got hooked up with the Armstrongs as he worked very similar, was built very similar and had a similar generic babyface look.  He and Steve worked as the Southern Boys and were an excellent tag team, although their act was a bit too regional and perhaps a bit too 80s for some people’s liking.  They dropped the Bars & Stars and were repackaged as cowboy types as the Young Pistols.  While both were strong workers, WCW was not a place where they could thrive.  Tracy Smothers really hit his peak in Smoky Mountain, where Jim Cornette pushed him strongly throughout the promotion’s run.  He was so good at everything, but his Good Ole Boy act was not as successful as it had been for people like Tommy Rich.  Smothers and the Dirty White Boy went from a heated rivalry to a unique partnership as “T.H.U.G.s,” which allowed Smothers to begin showing his comedic side.  Since that run, Tracy Smothers tended to work as an over-the-top character, whether he was the goofy mafia character in the FBI or a venom-spewing Southern heel on the indies.  Smothers has enjoyed a mentoring role since the turn of century, floating around the independents and still getting by using his Southern rasslin’ tricks.