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Sgt. Slaughter


Real Name - Robert Remus
6'3" 260 lbs. - Wilmar, CO

Athletic Background - AWA(`75-`7?), Tri-State(`76), Central States(`76-`77), WWF(`80), Mid-Atlantic(`81-`83), WWF(`84), AWA(`84-`86), Northeast Indies(`86-`91), WWF/WWE(`91-)

Teacher(s) - Verne Gagne (`72 Camp)

Professional Background - 

AliasesBob Remus, Bobby Remus, Bob Slaughter, Super Destroyer Mark II

Groups - Triangle of Terror

Peak Years - `77-`84

Finisher(s) - 
- Cobra Clutch
- Camel Clutch

Favorites - 
- Slaughter Cannon (Flying Clothesline)
- Backbreaker
- Atomic Noogie (Knuckle to Temple)
- Neckbreaker Lariat
- Overhead Forearm

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Sometimes a few accomplishments overshadow a whole wrestler's career. Sgt. Slaughter's reign as a WWF Champion, which was largely a transitional one in which he got tons of cheap heat, is often considered his crowning achievement. While he was bigger than even Hulk Hogan for a time in `84, he just wanted more and his best days were behind him. After trying to unionize the wrestlers, he was fired. That brief period was overshadowed years later as a fat, bald, worn-down Slaughter was brought back and given the belt. Few remember the days of him being one of the better workers in the US and considering his size it made it that much more remarkable. He was incredible as heel for the jest of his career and the hard-assed Marine Corps boot instructor gimmick made him that much stronger. Though his greatest success was as a babyface (with G.I. Joe marketing him prominently), he is a natural heel and it kept him around. His successes in the Midwest and especially in Mid-Atlantic are often totally forgotten. It was there however where he hit his true peak as a top notch heel and capable worker. He is still around in the company that made him a national superstar and while seldom on camera anymore, the fans still love him for the year he spent as a huge babyface in 1984.