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Sweet Daddy Siki

Real Name - n/a

5’10” 245 lbs. - Montgomery, TX

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s)Ray Ortega

AliasesReginald Siki, Mau Mau Siki, Regi Siki, Reg Siki, Reggie Siki

Peak Years - `58-`71

Place in HistoryIn that era, being black was essentially a gimmick and territories tended to only employee a few black wrestlers at any given time.  While it unquestionably limited the opportunities for some, many black wrestlers were able to travel extensively, become local celebrities and escape systemic racism to a degree.  Siki traveled around, learning his craft and even playing a heel (which few blacks dared to do).  A few years into the game, Siki was working for Al Haft and developed a relationship with Buddy Rogers that changed his career dramatically.  Rogers was both willing to put him over and was a frequent opponent of his when Rogers was on top for Capital Wrestling.  The exposure was one thing, but working with a flamboyant heel changed the career trajectory of Sweet Daddy Siki.  While Siki and Sailor Art Thomas were a popular team opposite the Fabulous Kangaroos and he might have made a career out of being a “token black” in promotions, Siki was motivated to push the envelope.  Siki first bleached his hair in Harlem and knew immediately that he had hit on something.  Unfortunately, it was something that cities in Southern United States simply could not tolerate.  Siki relocated to the more progressive Toronto and became a fixture in Canada for years to come.  He worked for and had success in every Canadian office throughout the 1960s and 1970s.  The transformation to “Mr. Irresistible” was a game changer.  The bleach blond hair, the elaborate robes, the sunglasses, the mirror in each hand and the promos were an incredible package.  His character was such a spectacular one that he was soon travelling to Australia and New Zealand, Japan and Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.  Sweet Daddy Siki had the look and charisma to get over immediately and worked with many of the top stars of his era.  While his race might have limited him in some instances, it was part of what got over.  As the territories dried up, Siki worked smaller shows around Canada, whether it was for the Bearman in Ontario or Emil Dupree in the Maritimes, he was still doing his thing until 1987.  Following his retirement, Siki hooked up with Johnny Powers and later Ron Hutchinson to help train wrestlers in the Greater Toronto Area, Edge and Christian being the most famous to come out of those efforts.  To this day, Sweet Daddy Siki is a fixture in Toronto, working as a DJ and doing karaoke.  His lifelong fascination with country music led him to record numerous songs and albums and furthered his legacy as a trailblazer.  Sweet Daddy Siki is a well-remembered wrestler because of his unique look and personality, but he is among the most significant black wrestlers.  He worked all over and on top much of the time, his run with Buddy Rogers being especially noteworthy.  There were plenty of wrestlers who used aspects of his character, several like Sweet Daddy Banks were essentially clones, while others lifted his “women’s pet and man’s regret” line and many black wrestlers still bleach their hair when making a heel turn.