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The Sheik (1926 - 2003)


Real Name - Edward Farhat
Lifespan - 5/7/26 - 1/19/03
5'10" 235 lbs. - Lansing, MI

Athletic Background - Football (Michigan State)

Teacher(s) - 

Professional Background - Chicago(`50-`??), San Francisco, Detroit(`64-`80), Toronto(`65-`77), Texas, Los Angeles, WWWF, Georgia, All Japan, Nashville(`74), St. Louis(`74), Nashville(`77), Indies(`80-`9?), JCP/NWA(`88) FMW(`91-`92), WCW(`95)

AliasesSheik of Araby, The Original Sheik

Groups - none

Peak Years - `65-`74

Finisher(s) - 
- Camel Clutch
- Armpit Claw
- Fireball

Favorites - 
- Foreign Object
- Chokehold
- Biting
- Kick
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - One of the great villains of TV wrestling's golden years. The Sheik was simply one of the top heels of his time and was a major draw several places, mainly in the Midwest. As an Arab brawler from an aristocratic family, the Sheik garnered instant heat in America's heartland. Aside from his gimmick, the Sheik worked an emotional brawling style of match that was filled with all the wildness and blood that the fans could have ever wanted. He choked, bit and kicked his way through the likes of Bobo Brazil, Johnny Valentine and even Andre the Giant. He worked a number of top territories in his younger years, but settled down in the 70s in his own Detroit promotion with frequent trips to Toronto and Japan. In Detroit and Toronto, the Sheik used a simple formula and became one of the best draws in history as a result. From `70 to `73 no one in the world drew more consistently in one area as he did. While he seems like a generic model for a heel in ways to the modern fan, the Sheik was a true innovator. His gimmick/style would be continued by people like frequent opponent Tiger Jeet Singh, later tag partner Abdullah "The Butcher" and to an extent his nephew Sabu. The Sheik is probably better remembered for helping trailblaze the "hardcore" style with matches heavy in bloodletting. Perhaps more so than some of his peers, The Sheik had a direct influence by training Sabu and Rob Van Dam, who were players in the style's explosion in Japan and the US. One of wrestling's great characters and someone who people should respect for all he did for wrestling in America, Canada and Japan.