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Sharpe Brothers (Ben & Mike)

Real NamesBenjamin & Michael Sharpe Sr.
Lifespans - 3/18/16-11/21/01 & 7/11/22-9/11/88
Ben - 6'6" 250 lbs. - Hamilton, ONT
Mike - 6'5" 245 lbs. - Hamilton, ONT

Athletic BackgroundRowing (`36 Canadian Olympic Team) [Mike] 

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - n/a

Aliases - none

Peak Years - 1950s

Place in HistoryBen and Mike Sharpe may not have toured the pro-wrestling world as widely as many others, but they had a dominating presence in the two places they spent the majority of their careers - Northern California and Japan. Both were giant men who were great athletes (Ben was an Olympian) and joined the Royal Air Force during World War II. While stationed in England together, they discovered pro-wrestling and pursued it. After the war, the two headed to San Francisco and became instant hits there working as singles and as a team. Promoter Joe Malcewicz relied heavily on them and they were dedicated soldier for him for fifteen years. During that time, Rikidozan opened up his JWA promotion and the Sharpe Brothers began appearing. Two towering gaijins pounding away on the native stars made the Sharpe Brothers two of the most revered wrestlers in Japan’s pro-wrestling history. Mike, who had gotten them involved in pro-wrestling originally, remained involved as long as he could and his son Mike Sharpe Jr. wrestled as well. Ben pursued other business interests, but was the one who ended up in a wheelchair from his injuries. The Sharpe Brothers are one of the few examples of a great wrestler or tag team that was able to become highly regarded because they worked on top in a respected territory and helped pop another one. While San Francisco's best years were ahead of it, Japan reached unprecendented hieghts during the period in which the Sharpe Brothers were on top.