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Ken Wayne Shamrock

Real Name - 

Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick Shamrock

Birthdate - 2/14/64

6' 215 lbs. - San Bernadino, CA

Athletic Background - 

Wrestling (High School), Football (Shasta Jr. College)

Teacher(s) - 

Nelson Royal; Masakatsu Funaki

Professional Background - SAPW(`89), UWF(`90), UWFi(`91-`92), PWFG(`92-`93), Pancrase(`93-`96), UFC(`93-`96), WWF(`97-`99), Pride(`00-`01), NWA-TNA(`02), UFC(`02-`06), Pride(`05), MMA(`08-)

Aliases - 

Vince Torelli, Wayne Shamrock, Ken Shamrock

Groups - Lion's Den, The Corporation, Union

Peak Years - `93-`00


- Heel Hook

- Belly-to-Belly Suplex

- Rear Naked Choke

- Kneebar

- Mid Kick

- Slaps

Ringwork Rating


Intangibles Rating


Place in History - 

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was originally created to promote Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with Royce as the star.  It did, but perhaps the greatest beneficiary of those early days of UFC were Ken Shamrock.  An exceptional amateur who was a great prospect as a pro, he was Vince Torelli working in the Carolinas trying to catch a break.  His opportunity came in Japan as the Newborn UWF was bringing in a variety of foreign talent.  Shamrock was a natural.  His chiseled physique, his rugged good looks, his intensity and skill all made him the perfect foreigner.  When UWF closed, he went along with Yoshiaki Fujiwara’s group.  Masakatsu Funaki led several key stars away to form Pancrase and Shamrock was one of them.  Although the organization strongly relied on a core of native talent, Shamrock was made the first “King of Pancrase” and was pushed as a dominant foreigner.  His skills were world class when he entered the first UFC and began building his brand in the US.  Over the next few years, he began having issues with Pancrase management and eventually left the organization.  He made a move to the WWF and was a player during the Attitude Era.  Shamrock took his legitimate background and intense personality and ramped them up for great effect.  Although his WWF run might not have turned into what he or the company might’ve originally intended, it made him an even bigger star in the mainstream US scene.  Shamrock spent the next few years bouncing between fighting and pro-wrestling.  The latter eventually became less important and he focused on fighting.  His rivalry with Tito Ortiz arguably launched the UFC to the heights it enjoyed in the late 2000s.  Ken Shamrock continues to dabble in both, but is largely a shell of his once great self.  His career, his contributions and his credentials are undeniable and he is a true legend of mixed martial arts and a significant personality in pro-wrestling as well.