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Great Sasuke

Real Name - Masanori Murakawa

Birthdate - 7/7/69

5'8" 185 lbs. - Morioka, Japan

Athletic Background - Gymnastics

Teacher(s) - Satoru Sayama; Kotetsu Yamamoto [New Japan Dojo], Gran Hamada, Ultimo Dragon

Professional Background - UWA(`90-`93), Universal(`90-`93) CMLL(`92), M-Pro(`93-), FMW(`93-`96), AAA(`94), New Japan(`94-`02), CMLL(`95-`96), ECW(`97), WWF(`97), Toryumon(`99-`03), All Japan(`99,`03,`08,`12), BJW(`99,`02-`04,`11), K-Dojo(`03-`05), HUSTLE(`04-`10), Dragon Gate(`07-`11)

AliasesMasa Michinoku, Ninja Sasuke, SASUKE, Sasu Genjin, Nattoman the Great

Groups - Sasuke Gundan, Nisemono Gundan, Team Insanity

Peak Years - `94-`99

Finisher(s) - 
- Thunder Fire Powerbomb
- Missile Dropkick to Downed Opponenr

- Michinoku Driver (Butterfly Brainbuster)

- Sasuke Senton (Senton Bomb)

Favorites -

- Asai Moonsault

- Sasuke Special (Handspring into Moonsault Suicida)

- Quebrada

- No-Hands Tope Con Hilo

- Butterfly Suplex

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The Great Sasuke is one of puroresu’s most fascinating personalities and incredible performers.  He trained under several stylistically influential wrestlers and developed his own exciting style.  He eventually found his proper persona in Mexico, where he was playing a ninja, but took on a more lucha-influenced approach.  As the Great Sasuke, he and several key talent from Gran Hamada’s Universal group started the first independent outside of Tokyo.  Based out of the Northeastern Tohoku region, Michinoku Pro began creating waves in the Japanese scene and Sasuke was their top star and promoter.  He was catapulted to even bigger fame through his participation in the first J*Cup.  Over the next few years, Sasuke was easily a top junior heavyweight.  In 1997, he was poised to become the main star of the WWF’s light heavyweight division, but it was not to be.  Michinoku Pro declined as talent left.  The Great Sasuke found a new platform - public service.  He, mask and all, was elected to the Iwate Prefectural legislature.  While serving, he turned the reins over to Jinsei Shinzaki as an influx of talent helped the promotion dramatically.  The Great Sasuke, still an incredible performer, continues to go hard to this day.  His body has been brutalized by his style and his mystique has been damaged by scandals, but his legacy is largely secured.  Japanese puroresu is a dynamic and splintered scene, yet charismatic stars like the Great Sasuke continue to draw in the fans.