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Tito Santana


Real Name - Merced Solis
Birthdate - 5/10/53
6'2" 234 lbs. - Mission, TX

Athletic Background - Football (West Texas State)

Teacher(s) - Hiro Matsuda; Paul Jones

Professional Background - Florida, Georgia, Charlotte, Amarillo(`78-`79), WWWF(`79-`80), AWA(`80-`82), SWCW(`80), GCW(`83), Mid-South(`83), WWF(`83-`92), Indies(`92-`96), ECW(`92), AWF(`9?)

AliasesMerced Solis, Richard Blood

Groups - none

Peak Years - `79-`87

Finisher(s) - 
Figure-Four Leglock
- Flying Forearm

Favorites - 
- Sunset Flip
- Dropkick
- Atomic Drop
- High Cross Body
- Armdrag 

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Tito Santana's role in the pro-wrestling world is perhaps overlooked, but the fact is he was a key supporting player when pro-wrestling became the biggest it had ever been. The years prior to that were somewhat nondescript. He can from the pro-wrestler factory known as West Texas State and spent a couple years touring around before coming east. Vince McMahon Sr. loved ethnic stars and made a handsome young Mexican-American who was still pretty green into a solid mid-carder. However, it was Vince Jr. who allowed Santana to go to the next level when he took the WWF national. While people often cite Hulk Hogan for making the company, the exceptional upper-midcard was perhaps as important. Santana's hardwork was paid back by steady work and a few title runs. Unfortunately, in his latter years he was relegated to jobbing and current fans might not know of his contributions in the WWF's boom period.