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The Sandman


Real Name - James "Jim" Fullington
Birthdate - 6/16/63
6'4" 240 lbs. - Broomal, PA

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Larry Winters (TWA Academy); Mark Tendler, JT Smith

Professional Background - Indies(`90-`92), ECW(`92-`98), WCW(`99), ECW(`99-`01), FMW(`02), XPW(`01-`02), NWA-TNA(`02-`03), WWE(`06-`07), TNA(`10)

AliasesMr. Sandman, "Hardcore" Hak

Groups - The E., Team Extreme/Extreme Revolution, ECW Originals, EV2 (Extreme Version 2.0) 

Peak Years - `93-`98

Finisher(s) -
- White Russian Legsweep (Legsweep w/ cane)
- Rolling Rock (Flying Somersault Senton)
- B*tchin' Legdrop (Flying Legdrop)

Favorites -
- Caneshot
- Heinkenrana (Top Rope Rana)
- Dropkick
- Back Elbow
- Measured Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The Sandman is one of ECW's most central figures.  He was a veteran of the Northeast independents who transformed from a surfer into a decadent character who was the top heel in ECW's formative days.  He smoked, he drank, he pimped his wife, he was an all-around bad guy.  The Sandman was never a very good "worker," but he never sought out to become one. He was primarily a brawler, who did the wild ECW streetfights and gimmick matches that made him such a cult personality that he soon became and stayed a top babyface. Aside from a short run with WCW, he was loyal to the company its entire life and was pushed accordingly. Willing to bump big and bleed buckets, The Sandman was the posterboy for ECW's edgy style.  After the company's death, he has worked all over the independents and been in ECW veteran stables in all the major groups.  ECW's resurgence in popularity in the mid-00s, saw him enjoy a short run in the WWE.  The Sandman will probably continue to work off and on, even though he is nearly fifty because of the strength of his personality and the fact that all he has to do is drink a beer and swing a cane to get a pop.