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Johnny Saint


Real Name - John Miller
Birthdate - 6/29/41
5'8" 154 lbs. - Rhyl, Denbigshire, Wales

Athletic Background - Boxing

Teacher(s) - Billy Robinson, Colin McDonald; George Kidd

Professional Background - Britain(`58-`96)

Aliases - none

Groups - none

Peak Years - `72-`85

Finisher(s) - 
- Bridging Legroll

- Octopus Hold
- Johnny Saint Special (Package into Takedown)
- Surfboard Chinlock
- Jumping Double Knee
- Dropkick

Ringwork Rating - 


Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Johnny Saint is one of the pro-wrestlers that simply must be seen to be understood and appreciated.  A self-proclaimed "escapologist," he inherited a distinct style from the legendary George Kidd and has brought it to several generations of fans.  Brought up in the tough gyms of Manchester, Saint spent a good many years developing his skills.  In the 1970s, Johnny Saint rose to national fame in Britain on the "World of Sport" show.  Although the show featured an unbelievable variety of styles, Johnny Saint stood out in a way that few could.  He was one of the key lightweights dominated the World Lightweight title for the better part of twenty-five years.  His main rivals, heels like "Crybaby" Jim Breaks and later Fit Finlay were strong heels and he worked well with Saint's one-of-a-kind style. However, Saint's most memorable bouts were with other technical blue eyes. As the "World of Sport" product declined and eventually faded out, Johnny Saint remained a fixture. He continued to work regularly for several more years before retiring. Several years ago, he enjoyed a career revival thanks to the spread of tapes, videos of his matches and people espousing his greatness. Johnny Saint is like no other and while he never traveled widely and was limited due to his size, his work stands alone. He is truly deserving the accolades he has received years later.