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Real Name - Terry Michael Brunk
Birthdate - 12/12/64
5'10" 220 lbs. - Detroit, MI

Athletic Background - Wrestling (High School)

Teacher(s) - The Shiek

Professional Background - Big Time [Detroit](`85-`8?), Indies(`85-`95), FMW(`91-`94), ECW(`93-`95), New Japan(`95), WCW(`95), ECW(`95-`00), Big Japan(`96), Tokyo Pro(`96), All Japan(`96-`97), FMW(`97-`98), Indies(`00-`06), XPW(`00-`01), WWA(`02-`03), NWA-TNA(`02), WWC(`03), TNA(`04,`06)  WWE(`06-`07), Indies(`07-) AAA(`07), WWC(`08), TNA(`10)

Aliases - Sabu the Elephant Boy, Sabu S.R., Terry Snuka, Samu

Groups - Dangerous Alliance, Team Extreme, ECW Originals, La Legion Extranjera, EV2 (Extreme, Version 2.0)

Peak Years - `93-`98

Finisher(s) - 
- Camel Clutch 
- Atomic Arabian Facebuster (Flying Legdrop w/ chair) 
- Triple Jump Moonsault 
- Arabian Facebuster (Legdrop w/ chair) 

Favorites - 
- Springing Swinging DDT 
- Triple-Jump Plancha 
- Air Sabu (Springing/Chair-Assisted Leg Lariat) 
- Chair Throw 
- Ankle Dropkick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Perhaps no pro-wrestler in the 1990s gained more fame from their time in ECW and on the Independents as Sabu. The nephew of the Shiek, worked his way slowly up the ladder before finally arriving in FMW.  There, he sustained the scars that were so visually impressive when he first began in ECW.  It was in this young company that he built a name for himself as the "homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, death-defying athlete known the world over as Sabu."  He was a wild character like the Shiek, but used highflying moves in a particularly daring manner and made himself into something totally different on the American pro-wrestling landscape. The exposure was good, but opportunities in Japan paid better, so Sabu pursued those as well as a forgettable stint in WCW. Sabu continued to bounce between various Japanese companies and various American companies for the next five years and often looking broken down.  Sabu is well past his prime, but his unique character and working ability allow him to work as much as he'd like.  When the WWE brought back ECW, Sabu was one of a handful brought in that actually looked impressive and special in the WWE mix.  Although politics and personal problems eventually squelched his run, Sabu had a new lease on his pro-wrestling life that gave him another few years.