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Rob Van Dam

Real Name - Robert Alexander Szatkowsky

Birthdate - 12/18/70

6' 237 lbs. - Los Angeles, CA

Athletic Background - Kickboxing (Amateur), Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kendo, Kajukenbo, Aikido

Teacher(s) - The Sheik

Professional Background - Indies(`90-`9?), WCW(`92), FMW(`93), All Japan(`93), ECW(`96-`01), All Japan(`01), WWF/WWE(`01-`07)

AliasesRob Szatkowski, Robbie V

Groups - New Triple Threat, The Alliance, Team ECW, ECW Originals

Peak Years - `97-`06

Finisher(s) - 

- "Five-Star" Frog Splash

- Split-Legged Moonsault

- Vandaminator (Jump Kick w/ chair)

- Rolling Thunder (Rolling Somersault Senton)

- Vanterminator (Springboard Seated Dropkick w/ chair)

Favorites -

- Holding High Kick

- Front Roll into Monkey Flip

- Slingshot Legdrop (opponent on apron)

- Corkscrew Legdrop (opponent on guardrail)

- Stepover Heel Kick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Rob Van Dam is one of the most enigmatic personalities in modern pro-wrestling.  A legitimate athlete of the sort that does not usually find high-level success in the US, Van Dam turned his martial arts, his coordination, his agility and his creativity into a distinct style that got over huge.  He had unique and fantastic highspots, a natural charisma and eventually a company, ECW, behind him.  During the Monday Night Wars, while ECW was third tier company with a cult following, Van Dam was something special.  He remained loyal to the company and will be forever associated to it.  When the company died, he was arguably at his professional peak and finally came aboard the WWF.  He got over and has stayed over amazingly well, but Rob Van Dam’s weaknesses were not covered up and his pushes were never what they could have been.  The invasion angle might have flopped overall, but RVD was one of the key players that emerged from it.  He was given some big opportunities, but was clearly undermined before breaking through to the top level.  The ECW revival gave him another break and this time everything seemed to click into place.  Van Dam was positioned as the top star of this third brand, but unfortunately he was busted with marijuana and punished openly.  It was ironic because part of RVD’s charm was his stoner aura paired with his athletic and one-of-a-kind style.  The WWE pulled back on his big push and he would eventually part ways.  He became one of many former WWE talents to get picked up by TNA and grow jaded within the promotion.  In 2013, Rob Van Dam made a return to the WWE and it will likely be the last run of his career.  He stands apart from every other wrestler who is most closely identified with ECW.  While Taz, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Raven and the Dudley Boyz all had opportunities after leaving ECW, none were able to reach the levels that Van Dam did.  Many criticize his in-ring work as lacking psychology and consistency, but it unquestionably got over time and time again.  RVD took his physical gifts, his unusual charisma and willingness to risk his body and achieved a plateau of success that only a select few have in the last fifteen years.