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The Royal Kangaroos (Lord Jonathan Boyd & Norman Frederick Charles III)

Lord Jonathan Boyd
Real Name - Barry John Boyle
Lifespan -
10/21/42 - 8/7/99
5’8" 2?? lbs. - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Athletic background - n/a
Teachers -
Al Morgan; Roy Heffernan
Professional background - Australia(`66), Vancouver(`80), Memphis(`85), TASW(85), Memphis(`87),
Aliases - “Pretty Boy” Jonny Boyd, Jonathan Boyd

Norman Frederick Charles III

Real Name - Norman Lowndes
Birthdate - n/a
5'10" 245 lbs. - Sydney, NSW, Australia
Athletic background -
Teachers -
Al Morgan; Roy Heffernan
Professional background - Australia(`66-), Britian(`70),
Aliases - Maurice LaRue, Murphy the Magnificent, Murphy the Surfie, Norman Charles, Norman Lowndes, Wild Red Berry

Professional Background (as a team) - Portland(`71-`72), Portland(`75-`76), San Francisco(`76), Portland(`77), Stampede(`77)

Groups – Boyd's Commonwealth Army [Boyd], The Dynasty, Midnight Express Inc. [NCF3]

Peak Years`72-`77

Place in HistoryIn the late 1950s the Fabulous Kangaroos played a key role in popularizing tag team pro-wrestling in TV era.  Their legacy was strong enough that a pair of ruffians from Down Under could get instant heat for decades to come.  Johnny Boyd was a stocky undercarder in Australia and some of nearby islands for a few years, even teaming with Norman with whom he’d broken in with.  Norman Lowndes bleached his hair and worked as a surfer before touring around as an arrogant blond heel.  The two came together again in 1969 and became a new version of the Kangaroos after getting Roy Heffernan’s blessing.  In the 1970s, the crazed yet undersized Johnny Boyd paired up with his distant cousin Norman and the two adopted became a hot commodity on the Pacific Coast.  The two combined the Australian gimmickry of their Kangaroo predecessors (boomarangs and bush hats) along with British Empire elitism by adopting their over-the-top names.  Lord Jonathan Boyd and Norman Frederick Charles III, the “Royal Kangaroos”, were not technicians like one might expect, they were violent heels with long shaggy hair and beards.   Throughout the 1970s, the Kangaroos were staples in Portland and Calgary.  Although they are noted for being rough-looking and rough in the ring, the two operated smoothly as a tag team and, like their Costello and Heffernan, drew heat with expert double-team moves.  The team had shorter runs in San Francisco and Mid-Atlantic, but were really memorable characters in the Pacific Northwest as the team with a bounty on their heads.  Boyd was an over-the-top personality who was great as a short loud-mouth who instigated problems, while his cousin tossed in a comment or a joke and provided a gritty tough guy to back up Boyd’s talking.  Following their run together, Boyd went on to do a lot of managing in Southern US and even teamed with Luke Williams for a time.  His wildness is well-known and he was troublesome for many promoters.  Norman Fredrick Charles worked around for a few more years before settling in Florida and transitioning to a normal life.