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The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Ray & Jacques)

Ray Rougeau
Real Name - Raymend Rougeau
Lifespan -
5'11" 230 lbs. - Montreal, QUE
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers -
Jacques Rougeau Sr., Eddie Auger
Professional background - Montreal(`71-`86); WWF(`91-`98)
Aliases - Raymond Rougeau

Jacques Rougeau
Real Name - Jacques Rougeau Jr.
Lifespan -
6'3" 240 lbs. - Montreal, QUE
Athletic background -
Hockey, Baseball, Golf
Teachers -
Jacques Rougeau Sr., Ray Rougeau, Pierre Lefebvre, Ron West
Professional background - Calgary(`77), Nashville(`77), EMLL(`78), Montreal(`80), Georgia(`81), SECW[Alabama](`81-`84), Memphis(`82-`84), Kansas City(`82), St. Louis(`82), Int'l[Montreal](`84-`86); WWF(`92-`93), WWF(`93-`94), WCW(`96-`97), WWF(`98), WCW(`01); Lutte(`01-`02)
Aliases - Jacques Rougeau Jr., Jerry Roberts, The Mountie, Quebecer Jacques

Professional Background (as a team) - Montreal(`78-`86), WWF(`86-`90)

Peak Years`84-`90

Ringwork Rating

 Move Set6/7

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in HistoryWrestling families vary widely, most are headed up by a single great wrestler who fathers a batch of kids who wrestle with various degrees of success. The Rougeau family was unique in that it was two generations of brother teams. Johnny and Jacques were as big of hometown heroes as wrestling could have and when Jacques' sons stepped up they inherited that legacy. Jacques and Raymond were the odd exceptional workers in a lazy, dying territory that were able to get out while the getting was good. In the WWF, they were fast heels and great ones at that playing obnoxious French Canadian brothers. While they were never pushed particularly hard, the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers were the consummate pros and had excellent matches with the better teams and at least entertaining ones with bottom teams. After Ray got out of wrestling, Jacques continued to go strong in the controversial Mountie character before forming a decent tag team with Pierre Ouelette as the Quebecers and Amazing French Canadians. Coming from one of the great territories of its time and carving a niche in the tough-to-crack WWF, the Rougeau Brothers were good workers and good entertainers.