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Mike Rotundo


Real Name - Lawrence Michael Rotunda
Birthdate - 3/30/58
6'3" 248 lbs. - Syracuse, NY

Athletic Background - Freestyle Wrestling, Football [Syracuse University]

Teacher(s) - The Destroyer; Butch Reed

Professional Background - Germany(`81-`82), Montreal(`82), Mid-Atlantic(`82-`83), Toronto(`83), Florida(`83-`84), WWF(`85-`87), Florida(`87), JCP/NWA(`87), WCW(`88-`90), WWF(`91-`95), WCW(`96-`97), New Japan(`97-`99), All Japan(`00-`02), IWA(`04), WWE(`06-)

AliasesCapt. Mike Rotunda, Michael Wallstreet, “IRS” Irwin R. Schyster, VK Wallstreet, M. Wallstreet, Mr. Wallstreet

Groups - Varsity Club, York Foundation, Hart Family, Million Dollar Corporation, nWo (New World Order), nWo Japan, Team 2000, Black-Ship

Peak Years - `85-`93

Finisher(s) - 
- Writeoff/Wallstreet Crash (Samoan Drop)
- Jumping Lariat
- The Penalty (STF)
- Airplane Spin

Favorites -
- Abdominal Stretch
- Butterfly Suplex
- Spike Slam
- Back Elbow
- Legdrop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Mike Rotundo was an excellent amateur wrestler who ended up finding himself in the wacky world of pro-wrestling. While some are never able to find their place, Rotundo was one of the opposite examples as he turned into a very good worker and midcard performer. After a few years of seasoning, Rotundo hooked up with another promising youngster, Barry Windham (whose sister he would later marry). They became a classic babyface team, but both soon became much more success as heels. Rotundo began getting saddled with some bad gimmicks, but one caught on. As a heel tax man, Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) became nationally recognized and lived off that fame for the rest of his career. He did enjoy a brief rebirth in Japan, where he was allowed to simply wrestle and get over on his natural ability. Like many WWF characters, Mike Rotundo is not remembered for the majority of his accomplishments, but instead his hokey gimmick.  In 2006, he started back with the WWE as a road agent and his two sons both found opportunities in the company as well.