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Rocket Monroe (1941-2010)

Real Name - Maury High

Lifespan - ?/?/1941 - 6/8/2010

??? - Atlanta, GA

Aliases - Rocky Montez, Masked Godfather

Athletic background - Football (High School)

Professional background - Memphis(`60), Texas(`61), Gulf Coast(`66), Florida(`67), Gulf Coast(`68-`70), Georgia(`69-`73), Gulf Coast(`72-`74), Nashville(`74-`76), Georgia(`76-`77), SECW(`78), Georgia(`79)

Peak Years - `67-`72

Place in History - Although pro-wrestlers have borrowed liberally from their peers and predecessors as long as the sport has been around, copycats rarely find great long-term success.  Particularly when they are following an act as unique and established as Sputnik Monroe.  He was not even the first Rocket Monroe!  Sputnik was needing a replacement partner for that Rocket when a gritty up-and-comer from the Midwest came his way.  They added the signature white streak to his hair and found great traction in the Gulf Coast territory.  The elder Monroe was a colorful character who drew heat with his antics while the younger Monroe was a blood n’ guts heel, they were able to find success throughout the South.  Sputnik was a heavy-drinking and fast-living type and Rocket needed to break out and find a new partner.  He found one in Flash Monroe (the son of Boston promoter Tony Santos) and they were fast friends and formed a sustaining partnership.  Their rivalries with Don Carson & Dick Dunn and later Carson & Ken Lucas were heated ones in the late 1960s.  Rocket Monroe established himself as one of the premier heels in the Gulf Coast region and held his share of singles titles as well.  He bounced between Alabama and Georgia, usually teaming with Flash or Sputnik in the latter.  The three even added Norvell Austin (complete with a white patch in his afro) to the Magnificent Brothers Monroe.  Eventually, Rocket and Flash were able to return to Alabama as babyfaces feuding with the likes of Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan and the Bass Brothers.  After Flash, Rocket partnered up with Randy Tyler and headed to Tennessee for a good run both under hoods and without them.  Rocket Monroe rounded out his career working between the three territories where he was best established.  He retired from pro-wrestling and worked as a public inspector and later an assistant public works director before retiring to live out his final days.  Rocket Monroe is often dismissed as one of several men who adopted Sputnik Monroe’s persona, yet was never as talented, never as successful and never a draw on the same level.  Rocket Monroe took the look and the name, but he made it his own and made his own path in the pro-wrestling business.  He was reliable in the ring, he was likable outside of the ring and he was a staple in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee for many years as a result.