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The Rock


Real Name - Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Birthdate - 5/2/72
6'4" 257 lbs. - Miami, FL

Athletic Background - Football [University of Miami]

Professional Background - USWA(`96), WWF/WWE(`96-`04;`11-)

Aliases - Dwayne Johnson, Flex Kavana, Rocky Maivia

Groups - Nation of Domination, The Corporation

Peak Years - `98-`01

Finisher(s) - 
- Rock Bottom
- People's Elbow (Elbowdrop)
- Sharpshooter
- Shoulderbreaker
- Flying Body Press

Favorites - 
- Spinebuster
- Side Russian Legsweep
- Lariat
- Haymaker Punches

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Before reaching thirty, The Rock had already reached his apex as a pro-wrestler and was transitioning to becoming one of the biggest action stars of the day.  It seems almost unimaginable, but for those who witnessed the rise of "the most electrifying man in sports-entertainment," it makes perfect sense.   Dwayne Johnson was one of the first highly regarded third-generation pro-wrestlers as the grandson of Peter and Lea Maivia and son of Rocky Johnson, he had excellent pedigree.  However, the whitemeat babyface push he received early on showed both how much the business had changed and could have derailed the career of a lesser man.  The WWF was transitioning into the "Attitude Era" and Rocky Maivia was not the sort of character they wanted to see.  A transformation happened and "The Rock" was born and within a few months of his return, he was one of the top performers in the WWF.  The quintessential "cool heel," The Rock came up with catchphrase-laden promos that would eventually turn him babyface.  Like his arch-rival "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock was so good that the fans could not help but cheer him.  While the Austin-McMahon rivalry was the centerpiece of the Attitude Era, The Rock was a powerful presence who was able to carry the company when Austin went down with a neck injury.  A lot has been said about how fast fame and fortune impacted The Rock.  Some feel he developed an ego and others state that he never really changed.  What did change was the mainstream was latching onto The Rock.  Hollywood welcomed the tall, dark and handsome pro-wrestler like no one before or since.  From hosting SNL to doing cameos on sitcoms to becoming the highest paid actor in his first leading role, The Rock ascended up the Hollywood ladder just as quickly as he did the pro-wrestling ladder.  The Rock eventually left the WWE behind, but would make the odd appearance or shoot a short-term angle.  He was always willing to put over a new star or play the bad guy.  In 2011, The Rock came back (not full-time, of course) to work with John Cena.  He is still an amazing athlete at forty and can entertain much like he could in his prime a decade ago.