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Mark "Rollerball" Rocco

Real Name - Mark Hussey
Birthdate - 5/11/51
5'8" 195 lbs. - Manchester, England

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Jumping Jim Hussey; Colin Joynson

Professional Background - Britain(`72-`82), WWF(`80), New Japan(`82-`89), All-Star(`83-`91), Stampede, CWA(`88), France(`91)

AliasesBlack Tiger, Mark Rocca

Groups - none

Peak Years - `78-`87

Finisher(s) - 
- Cradled Tombstone
- Tombstone
- Butterfly Suplex

Favorites -
- Flying Elbowdrop
- Illegal Suplex onto Ropes
- Canadian Backbreaker
- Jumping Elbowdrop
- Kitchen Sink

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - There have only been a select few British wrestlers who have "made it" in one or more of the big three wrestling countries. Many toured Europe and did shots around the world, many even had shots in Canada and several enjoyed tours of Japan, but there are few who saw true success. Though his name has been lost in pro-wrestling history as merely a foe of the legendary Tiger Mask, Mark Rocco is one of Britain's greatest and most influential stars. Mark Rocco is one of the forgotten shining stars of the early 1980s when he and a few others virtually changed the future of pro-wrestling by bringing together Japanese physicality, British fluidity and Mexican athleticism into a new style that has an undeniable presence today. In the way of look, Rocco wasn't much, he didn't have much of a build or much size for that matter, he wore a ugly outfits that are almost comedic in retrospect and his handlebar mustache made him look like a generic 1970s dirtbag. Normally that wouldn't lead to success, but Mark Rocco turned into one of the premier lighter weight wrestlers of the 80s. In England, Rocco was a formidable heel and one of the top heavy middleweights. He could do it all. Work the holds, work the crowd, work circles around most opponents and he became a TV superstar for it. The "Mean Machine" gained a reputation feuding with the men like Marty Jones and Chic Cullen on World of Sport in England as well as people like the Dynamite Kid, Sammy Lee (Tiger Mask) and Fuji Yamada (Jushin Liger) there as well as in Japan. When Tiger Mask hit they brought in all sorts of challengers, Dynamite was the best, but Black Tiger was not far off. As Black Tiger, Rocco was an interesting foil to Tiger Mask. Instead of being rough and intense, like one might expect, Rocco was used a unique style. Rather than being the nasty heel he was in England, he played up his ability and did simple heel tactics. It worked and he etched his place in pro-wrestling history. A back injury in Japan forced Rocco to slow down and eventually retire at which time he started a successful business in the Canary Islands.