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Billy Robinson (1937-2014)


Real Name
 - Billy Robinson
Birthdate - 9/18/37 - 3/3/14
5'11" 240 lbs. - Manchester, Britian

Athletic Background - Wrestling (`58 European Open Champion)

Teacher(s) - Billy Riley (Snake Pit) 

Professional Background - England(`61-`70), Spain(`61), IWE(`68), Australia(`69), Stampede(`69-`70), AWA(`70-`74), IWE(`74), Florida(`75), All Japan(`77-`78), Nashville(`80), Memphis(`80-`81), SWCW(`80-`81), Montreal(`81-`82), UWFi(`91-`95) 

Aliases - Billy Taylor

Groups - none

Peak Years - `68-`74

Double-Arm Suplex
- European (One-Armed) Backbreaker

Abdominal Stetch
Hip Throw
Falling Legpull
European Uppercutt

Ringwork Rating


Intangibles Rating


Place in History -  Billy Robinson has a very mixed reputation in the pro-wrestling world. One is that of a world class technician who was in an elite league in the 60s and 70s. One is that of a vicious bully whose reputation as a legit hooker was built by taking liberties. Robinson was trained in the legendary Billy Riley school in Wigan, better known as the "Snake Pit." He was undoubtedly turned from a top flight amateur wrestler into one of the most dangerous hookers of his day. From there, Robinson quickly established himself as one of the best heavyweights in Europe. After trips to Japan, Australia and Canada, Robinson caught the attention of Verne Gagne who brought him in full-time in 1970. Robinson's run in the AWA established him as one of the great workers of the 70s and led to title runs, main event programs and NWA title shots. Robinson's biggest problem was he was a colorless babyface. Gagne tried to spark interest by putting Robinson in the movie The Wrestler opposite himself as the champion. It never really worked out as Robinson was never able to move to the next level due to his lack of color even as a vicious heel. Following his in-ring career, Robinson returned to Japan and opened the UWF Snake Pit and was responsible for training some of the UWFi's great talents.