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Jake "The Snake" Roberts


Real Name - Aurelian Smith, Jr.
Birthdate - 6/2/59
6'4" 235 lbs. - Stone Mountain, GA

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Brad Rheingans

Professional Background - Mid-South(`75), Florida(`75), Texas(`76), Mid-South(`76), Tennessee(`77), Kansas City(`77), Vancouver(`78), Stampede(`78-`79), Mid-South(`80), Mid-Atlantic(`81-`82), Georgia(`83-`84), Florida(`82), WCCW(`84), Mid-South(`84-`86), WWF(`87-`92), WCW(`92), Indies(`92-), AAA(`94), SMW(`95), WWF(`96-`97), ECW(`99), UK(`01-`02)

Aliases - Fred Platt, El Diablo

Groups - Legion of Doom

Peak Years - `85-`90

Finisher(s) - 

Favorites -
- Short Clothesline
- Kneelift
- Elevated Armbar
- Lariat
- Jabs

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Jake Roberts was perhaps the best ring psychologist who was devoid of great athletic ability. He knew how to build a match masterfully without all the highspots, big bumping or cheap tactics. Those parts were left up to his opponents, though they were necessary for Jake to have great matches. However, Roberts could build a feud with on the mic, where he was in the most elite league. While not consistantly as good as some, Roberts' best interviews remain some of wrestling's best. He was able to parlay those abilities into good runs in several territories before signing with the WWF. While his actual wrestling dropped off, "the Snake's" popular took off and he was a upper midcard face for several years. After his depature he had runs in all the other groups, even traveling to Mexico, before a lackluster return. In recent years, he has been bouncing around trying to cope with his demons as seen in Beyond the Mat. Jake Roberts is probably one of the more notable casualties that WWF's brutal schedule in the 80s produced. His hellish life matched his intensity, but it ruined him. Roberts' potential as a writer/booker has never been achieved, though most think he could do remarkable things. Regardless, he is one of the most famous characters of the 80s and one of the few who the fans love to see.