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Robert Fuller

Real Name - Robert Welch

Birthdate - 5/14/51

6'5" 240 lbs. - Dyersburg, TN

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Buddy Fuller

Professional Background - Gulf Coast(`71), Florida(`71-`73), Nashville(`72-`74), Georgia(`73-`75), Nashville(`74-`75), SECW[Knoxville](`76-`80), Georgia(`77), Memphis(`77), Memphis(`79), Georgia(`80), SECW[Alabama](`80-`85), Cont'l(`85-`86), Memphis/USWA(`88-`90), AWA(`88), USWA(`89-`91), Florida(`90), SAPW(`90), WCW(`93-`97), WWF(`98), Indies(`98-)

AliasesTennessee Stud (#2), Col. Robert Parker, Tennessee Lee

Groups - Stud Stable [Cont'l], Stud Stable [USWA], Stud Stable [WCW]

Peak Years - `78-`87

Finisher(s) - 

- Fuller (Figure-Four) Leglock

Favorites -

- Suplex

- Bodyslam

- Backdrop

- Turnbuckle Smash

- Haymaker

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Robert Fuller is known to many recent pro-wrestling fans for his managerial runs in WCW and WWF, but prior to that he had a stellar career throughout the southeastern United States. The grandson of Nashville co-promoter Roy Welch, the son of legendary promoter/booker/wrestler Buddy Fuller and the younger brother of promoter/wrestler Ron Fuller, Robert had some big steps to follow. He and his brother Ron broke in and worked the early parts of their careers alongside their father. Robert was a tall, yet thin youngster with boyish good looks and a known last name. While he spent years developing into a unique worker, Robert Fuller’s career path usually followed that of his big brother. He helped run his brother’s companies - Southeastern Championship Wrestling in Knoxville and Alabama and later Continental in Alabama. He had spent his whole career as a babyface teaming with men like Bob Armstrong and Jos LeDuc and feuding with the Mongolian Stomper, Don Carson and Dennis Condrey. It was no wonder that it shocked fans when he violently turned on Bob Armstrong to team up with his wicked brother and cousin Jimmy Golden. From that point forward, Robert Fuller played a heel. He and Golden had been teaming for years, but they proved to be a top notch heel tandem. As Ron slowed down and eventually moved into the background completely, Robert stepped up as a top heel and took over the reigns of his brother’s heel faction - the Stud Stable. “Luscious” Robert along with his valet Miss Sylvia became a pretty boy heel. Although a goofy seller and promo, Robert Fuller could definitely draw heat. He eventually settled into a more fitting conniving Southern gentleman and managed more than he wrestled. He, Golden and the Stud Stable found success over the next ten years in some of the remaining territories, in WCW and recently on the independents. Robert Fuller’s name seems to pop up from time to time and whether it is Sid saying he created him, Cactus Jack describing him as talented but financially reckless or everyone talking about his endowment, it is not usually comments befitting such a stellar and diverse career.