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William Regal


Real Name - Darren Kenneth Matthews

Birthdate - 5/10/68

6'3" 240 lbs. - Blackpool, England

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Bobby Baron; Marty Jones

Professional Background - Indies/All-Star[UK](`83-`86), Joint Promotions(`86-`87), Israel(`87), Joint Promotions(`88-`92), France(`88), CWA(`88-`92), South Africa(`89), All-Star[UK](`89-`92), Spain(`91), Belgium(`91), South Africa(`91), India(`92), Germany(`92), Egypt(`92), WCW(`92-`98), WWF(`98-`99), WCW(`99-`00), OVW(`00), WWF/WWE(`00-)

AliasesRoy Regal, Steve Regal, Lord Steven Regal, Steven William Regal, Sir William Regal

Groups - Blue Bloods, The Alliance, The Un-Americans, King Booker's Court

Peak Years - `93-`96

Finisher(s) - 
- Power of the Punch (Brass Knuckles Punch)

- Running Knee Strike

- Regal Cutter (Neckbreaker)

- Regal Roll (Flipping Samoan Drop)

- Regal Stretch 

Favorites - 
- Half Nelson Suplex

- Clenched Knees

- European Uppercutt

- Double Knee

- Elbow

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - When traditional British pro-wrestling declined rapidly, there were a few glimpses of greatness on the horizon.  There were young men who were adept in the style and had the landscape been different would have taken over the legacy.  These men though had to venture out, even more than their predecessors, to continue as pro-wrestlers.  This diaspora led Steve Regal to become arguably most internationally recognized and successful pro-wrestlers to ever work on the legendary “World of Sport” TV programme as Lord Steven Regal in WCW and William Regal in the WWF/WWE.  For decades, British wrestlers like Tony Charles, Les Thornton and even Billy Robinson had met some roadblocks in the US, despite being amazing in-ring performers.  Others like Adrian Street, Lord Alfred Hayes and the Dynamite Kid recognized the need to modify their style and personas to get over and achieved greater success.  Regal was a hybrid of those two approaches.  He was dedicated to the British style with its technical intricacies and yet he recognized the need to recreate himself as a true villain.  Although he has been dismissed as a midcard act whose substance abuse problems prevented him from reaching the upper tier in his career, Regal has a body of work and sphere of influence that speaks to the contrary.  As Lord Steven in WCW, he got over as a heel and had numerous rivalries with people like Ricky Steamboat, Johnny B. Badd and Larry Zbyszko that were based on in-ring storytelling and got over.  His friendships with Steve Austin and Paul Levesque (the future Triple H) also developed and would be the catalyst behind his run as William Regal in the WWF/WWE.  Although he would hit rock bottom professionally and personally, he rebounded and had some of the best years of his career.  As the commissioner of the WWF, Regal showed his tremendous abilities outside the ring and proved to be as good at backstage vignettes as anyone in the company.  Since that time, the WWE found it difficult to use William Regal to his full capacity.  He bounced around the roster, switched allegiances and formed a number of quality tag teams and always made the most of his opportunities.  Unfortunately, Regal was typecast as a midcard act and has never even received an opportunity in a top program.  In recent years, he has shifted more towards mentoring talent and has worked some incredible angles and matches in the WWE’s developmental system.  Although his health problems and personal falls might have limited his opportunities, William Regal still has many more years ahead of him to guide the future stars in the WWE.  He has also done more for bringing the British style and influence to the US through the training of he and his old buddies like Fit Finlay, Dave Taylor and Robbie Brookside.  His life story is truly incredible and was published under the title Walking the Golden Mile, which is among the best autobiographies on the market.