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CM Punk

Real Name - Philip Jack "Phil" Brooks

Birthdate - 10/26/78

6' 220 lbs. - Chicago, IL

Athletic Background - none

Teacher(s) - Ace Steel, Danny Dominion, Kevin Quinn (Steel Domain)

Professional Background - Indies(`99-`05), ROH(`02-`05), NWA-TNA(`03-`04), MLW(`03), Zero-One(`03), OVW(`05-`06), WWE(`06-)

Aliases - none

Groups - The Goonies, Gold Bond Mafia, The Gathering, Second City Saints, SES (Straight Edge Society), The New Nexus

Peak Years - n/a

Finisher(s) - 

- GTS (Fireman’s Carry into Knee Strike)

- Anaconda Vice

- Shining Wizard

- Pepsi Plunge (Super Pedigree)

- Devil Lock (Entangled Scorpion)

- Punk-handle (Pumphandle) Piledriver

Favorites -

- High Kick

- Flying Elbowdrop

- Suicide Dive

- Springboard Lariat

- Springing Knee Strike in corner-Bulldog Combo

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set8

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The past decade has been a difficult transition for the WWE.  After years of bringing in experienced talent from other companies or developing their own talent, they have struggled with the rising stars of the independent scene.  CM Punk is the first of that generation to break through to the upper echelon of the WWE.  A couple years into pro-wrestling, Punk was already gaining recognition as a very good wrestler with a cutting edge and entertaining character.  Drawing from his  straight edge lifestyle and smug personality, CM Punk became a holier than thou heel in a number of indies.  In Ring of Honor, he strongly emerged as a complete package, yet he shocked people when he signed with the WWE in 2005.  His run proved to be a roller coaster for a number of years.  He was pushed, while having his legs cut out from underneath him almost simultaneously.  This trend led him to growing frustrated with his situation and leveraging that into recreating himself.  His “pipebomb” promo set into motion a big push and reaching a level that few have been able to.  CM Punk is, in many ways, an atypical WWE superstar compared to the top stars of years past.  However, his dedication and hard work have hopefully changed how the WWE perceives “independent wrestlers” trying to catch a break.  He could be the harbinger of a crop of stars like Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Antonio Cesaro that become key players in the WWE in the near future.  CM Punk is still in the prime of his career, but he has already began carving out a distinct place in pro-wrestling history.