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Real Name - Dionicio Castellanos Torres
Birthdate - 3/19/71
6' 196 lbs. - Tijuana, BC

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Fobia, Rey Misterio Sr.

Professional Background - Tijuana(`89-), AAA(`92-`97), WAR(`95), WCW(`96-`00), Indies(`00-`05), CMLL(`01), WWA(`01-`02), WWC(`02), XPW(`02-`03), NWA-TNA(`04), WWE(`05-`06), CMLL(`06-`07), AAA(`07-)

AliasesEl Salvaje, Psychosis, Nicho El Milionaro

Groups - lWo (Latino World Order), La Familia de Tijuana, Mexicools, Perros del Mal

Peak Years - `93-`98

Finisher(s) - 
- Guillotine Legdrop
- Psycho Stunner (Sitout Stunner)

Favorites -
- Reverse Falcon Arrow
- Reverse Liger Bomb
- Facebuster
- Spin Wheel Kick
- Legdrop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In WCW’s Cruiserweight Division, many great careers were launched in the United States such as future WWE Champions like  Eddy Guerrero,  Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio Jr.  Unfortunately, it also exploited and nearly ruined the legacy of many amazing luchadors.  Psicosis was one of the premier highflying rudos whose long rivalry with training partner Rey Misterio Jr. established both in the early 1990s.  When AAA was peaking, Psicosis was a key midcard rudo whose insane bumping was second to none and helped establish the exceptionally small Rey Misterio Jr. as a favorite technico.  In lucha libre, a reliable base rudo is vital for technicos and Psicosis was that person for Mysterio over and over again.  From AAA to Japan to ECW to WCW, the Misterio-Psicosis matches realistically are responsible for blazing the trail for luchadors, revealing the full potential of the style and establishing one of the biggest stars of the future.  Sadly, Psychosis was not really rewarded for his selflessness and was mainly used to put over anyone and everyone.  He was a shell of himself without his mask and without his confidence when WCW released him before his thirtieth birthday.  He began splitting time between Tijuana, Mexico City and American Independents over the next few years and seemed to regain some of his fire.  Due to character disputes with AAA, he adopted the persona Nicho el Millionaro in Mexico and mainly worked as a rudo member of La Familia de Tijuana.  Shockingly, the WWE signed him, Super Crazy and Juventud Guerrera in a failed attempt to rekindle their Cruiserweight division.  The run was unremarkable before Psychosis had a crazy car theft incident that led to his dismissal.  Since that time, Nicho has been working in Mexico and still looking capable.  His ties to “extreme” pro-wrestling have allowed him to use various gimmicks and stunts to remain relevant into the current decade.  Throughout pro-wrestling history the biggest babyface stars have often had an ideal opponent to make them look great, to get heat as needed and to put them over in the end.  Psicosis was that fall guy for Rey Mysterio and probably has never received the accolades he deserves for his own talents.