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Tom Prichard


Real Name - Thomas Prichard

Birthdate -  8/15/59

5’10” 230 lbs. - Houston, TX

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Iron Sheik

Professional Background - Los Angeles(`79-`81), SWCW(`81), Memphis(`83),  Portland(`84), Memphis(`85), Mid-South(`85), Cont'l(`86-`89), New Japan(`89), Germany, USWA(`91-`92), W*ing(`91), SMW(`92-`94), WWF/WWE(`94-`04), USWA(`95), Indies(`04-`07), WWE(`07-`12)

AliasesDr. Ben Casey, Dr. X, Zip

Groups - Wild Bunch, Stud Stable, Bodydonnas

Peak Years - `87-`94

Finisher(s) - 

- Superkick

- Flying Splash

- Piledriver

Favorites -

- Doctor Bomb

- Suplex

- Bodyslam-Kneedrop Combo

- Turnbuckle Smash

- Knee to the Gut

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Many legendary figures in pro-wrestling got their starts as someone’s gofer, bag boy or driver.  For Tom, Bruce and Chris Prichard, it was Houston promoter Paul Boesch.  Tom, the oldest, would pursue the sport and became a very good talent, an excellent worker and a well-respected trainer.  In the dying days of the territories, Tom Prichard bounced around and worked underneath in the bigger promotions and near the top in some of the smaller ones.  It was until the late 1980s that he was without a regular spot in a sustainable company.  Prichard was on the small side, but he was a top talent in Continental and really proved that he was a complete package.  Some remember him becoming the “doctor” for the Stud Stable, but most recall his controversial storyline with the Dirty White Boy that involved wifebeating and a hanging.  Although he spent some of his best years working here and there, Prichard was ready for his biggest run when it came his way.  Prichard created an excellent tag team with Jimmy Del Ray that was paired with Jim Cornette and dubbed the "Heavenly Bodies." Prichard's solid wrestling, Del Ray's highflying and their tandem moves all blended well and similar to the Midnight Express. Their success in Smoky Mountain propelled them to the WWF.  Prichard established himself as a reliable midcarder and he became a mainstay for years to come long after he’d parted ways with Cornette and Del Ray.  He was paired up with a very good midcard act in fitness gurus Skip and Sunny.  He too buzzed and bleached his hair and the Bodydonnas became a similarly quality team to the Heavenly Bodies.  After the team dissolved, Prichard transitioned to training talent and would spend nearly around fifteen years doing just that.