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Brian Pillman (1962-1997)

Real Name - Brian William Pillman
Lifespan - 5/22/62 - 10/6/97
6' 235 lbs. - Cincinatti, OH

Athletic Background - Football (NFL), Hockey (High School)

Teacher(s) - Hart Brothers, Terry Funk, Ric Flair

Professional Background - Stampede(`87-`89), WCW(`89-`96), ECW(`96) WWF(`96-`97)

Aliases - The Yellow Dog

Groups - Four Horsemen, Hart Foundation

Peak Years - `89-`97

Finisher(s) - 
Missile Dropkick
- Air Pillman (Springboard Clothesline)
- Flying Bodypress

Favorites -
- Flying Corkscrew Crossbody Block
- Tornado DDT
- Jumping Lariat
- Dropkick
- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Brian Pillman's moment in the sun was far too brief. He was one of the most determined athletes to ever enter pro-wrestling. A sickly child whose was undersized from the start, Brian's unparalleled drive to succeed made him achieve at every level of athletics he pursued. Working his way up the ladder in football turned him into an amazingly motivated individual. He was All-State in high school, but could not earn a scholarship. He was a walk-on at Miami of Ohio and became an AP All-American as a nose guard, but was not drafted into the NFL. So, he went to the Cincinatti Bengals and worked hard to make the team and won the team's annual award as their most inspirational player. After bouncing around in football, he was directed toward pro-wrestling. He was a naturally athletic talent in Stampede Wrestling and later WCW, where his matches with Jushin "Thunder" Liger were some of the best light heavyweight matches the US had ever seen. He later formed a memorable and dominant tag team with Steve Austin. Pillman finally was able to step into the role he always wanted when he joined the Four Horsemen. He was the group's instigator and was involved in a unique feud with Kevin Sullivan. While Pillman worked everyone in the business, WCW officals were irritated by Pillman's antics and he was released him from his contract. Pillman fooled the wrestling world and got out of his contact in manner only he would approach. Brian then was allowed more freedom in ECW and the WWF, where he finished his career. Then in 1996, Pillman fell asleep at the wheel and wrecked his automobile, but worse, he destroyed his ankle. The injury would be the Achilles' heel that held him back for the rest of his career. In the WWF, he did a number of controversial bits - the infamous gun angle with Steve Austin, his "firing" following stabbing a fan with a pencil, his sexually edgy feud with Goldust and Marlena. He acted like a maniac throughout his reign and was accomplishing more than his body would allow. He began a rapid downward spiral and died suddenly at the age of 35 the day before a pay-per-view. Brian Pillman was one of the most volatile and memorable figures of the modern age of pro-wrestling. Although he never reached the level that he might have, Pillman was a true talent in many ways and the glimpses of greatness that wrestling fans saw were certainly memorable ones. Unfortunately, Brian Pillman will be remembered as an example of painkiller addiction that has cost too many pro-wrestlers their lives.