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Paul Jones (1942-2018)

Real Name - Alfred Paul Fredericks

Birthdate - 6/16/1942 - 4/18/2018

6’ 240 lbs.- Port Arthur, TX

Athletic Background - Karate, Boxing

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Houston(`64), Nashville(`64), San Francisco(`64-`65), Australia (`65), Vancouver(`65-`67), Portland(`65-`67), Houston(`67), Tri-State(`67), Mid-Atlantic(`68-`69), Los Angeles(`69), JWA(`69), Australia(`70),Mid-Atlantic(`70-`72) JWA(`71), Florida(`72-`74), All Japan(`73), Mid-Atlantic(`74-`85), Georgia(`77), Florida(`80), JCP/NWA(`85-`88), WCW(`88-`89), SAPW(`90-`91)

Aliases - Al Fredericks, Young Paul Jones, Mr. Florida

Wrestlers - Abdullah the Butcher, The Assassins, Tully Blanchard, Manny Fernandez, Superstar Billy Graham, Kamala, Teijho Khan, Ivan Koloff, Masked Superstar, The Mighty Wilbur, Vladamir Petrov, Powers of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian), Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, Russian Assassins, Baron Von Raschke, Pez Whatley

Groups - Paul Jones’ Army

Peak Years - `68-`78

Place in History - The Mid-Atlantic territory was one that many wanted to work in the 1960s and 1970s.  Although it was a lot of smaller markets than other regions, the payoffs were good, the work was steady and the fanbase was loyal.  Many homesteaded in the area including local legends like George Becker, Johnny Weaver and Paul Jones.  In the mid-70s, Jones succeeded Weaver as “Number One” in the area.  His tag team with Nelson Royal helped establish him in the region.  A quick-tempered babyface, Jones success in the Mid-Atlantic area led to a run in Florida that showed he had main event potential.  He worked NWA champions in both areas and was perfect in the role of the local hero challenging.  He formed a tag team with a new rising star, Ricky Steamboat, which was one of the best.  Paul Jones did the unthinkable in turning on Steamboat and became perhaps a better heel.  Smug and arrogant, Jones reinvented himself as a bad guy and would spend the rest of his career in that role primarily.  Whether he was tagging with villains like Baron Von Raschke and the Masked Superstar or leading his Army against Jimmy Valiant, Paul Jones was always raising the ire of the fans.  He transitioned into managing, wearing a mustache and a Stetson, looking almost like an old-fashion music promoter.  During his multi-year program with the Boogie Woogie Man, Jones, who took to wearing a military outfit was introduced to a new generation of fans.  Sadly, this new version with mediocre interviews and without his once-great ringwork tarnished his legacy.  After being one of area’s best talents for over a decade, Paul Jones was a sub par manager with midcard talent in his stable.  He also grew to be despised by many of his peers as an office stooge.  Jones had one last in-ring run with the South Atlantic group, which was almost a Mid-Atlantic nostalgia promotion.  Paul Jones is a curious example of someone with diametrically opposed legacies based on the time period in which people saw him.  To those fans in Florida and the Mid-Atlantic that grew up on him, he is a complete package and one of the all-time greats.  To those who grew up on the NWA in the 1980s, he was an unimpressive manager hellbent on destroying Jimmy Valiant.