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Pat Patterson


Real Name - Pierre Clemont
6' 240 lbs. - Montreal, QUE

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Pat Curry [Loisirs St. Jean de Baptiste Gym]

Professional Background - Montreal(`59) Portland(`64-`66), San Francisco(`65-`77), Amarillo(`68), Florida(`77), AWA(`79), Los Angeles(`79), WWF/WWE(`79-`04), Montreal(`80-`83), Australia

AliasesLord Patrick Patterson

Groups - The Corporation

Peak Years - `66-`79

Finisher(s) - 
Loaded Mask Headbutt
Bombs Away (Flying Kneedrop)
Half Crab

Favorites - 
Turnbuckle Smash
Figure-Four Leglock 
Driving Kneedrop
Measured Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 

 Selling 10 

Place in History - Pat Patterson has left a mark on pro-wrestling that is distinct and significant in so many ways. Though a French-Canadian, he enjoyed his greatest success outside of Quebec and was not pushed as a French-Canadian. Despite these factors, Patterson remained loyal to Quebec and his home country of Canada by helped French-speaking superstars break into the US. Not long into his career, “Pretty Boy” Pat Patterson was born and the flamboyant heat-drawing heel in him came out. As an effeminate heel, Patterson was able to raise the ire of the fans like Gorgeous George before him and it helped him break out and eventually be brought into the Portland territory. Patterson caught the break of a lifetime when he was brought into the innovative San Francisco territory. Here, Pat Patterson went from a young talent to a world class worker and a top-notch booker while working alongside superstar Ray Stevens and promoter Roy Shire. Stevens, who was arguably the best worker in the world at the time, was someone that Patterson emulated noticeably and the two were partners and rivals for the next decade. Shire, who was one of the most cutting edge bookers at the time, gave Patterson someone to study and learn the craft of booking at that time. As an arrogant blond heel, Patterson was able to quickly work into the top of the cards. Like Stevens, his physique was less than impressive and as a non-native speaker his English was not quite perfect, but he could light up a crowd. As a bad guy, Patterson was cocky conniving and vicious. As a good guy, Patterson was likable, determined and fiery. Patterson toured other territories and Japan throughout the 1960s and 1970s and he always found success. All of this is even more surprising when one realizes that Patterson was openly gay in an industry that is not known for its tolerance. By the time he was in his early 40s, Pat Patterson had found a regular spot in perhaps the premier pro-wrestling company, the WWWF, where he was one of the very best workers on the cards. When Vince McMahon took the company national, Patterson was right at his side and after retiring from the ring became one of the most lasting members of McMahon's inner circle. Many credit him for the WWF's success because his vast experience booking for men like Roy Shire and Eddie Graham. Although a sex scandal in the early 1990s and some believe his performances as one of “the Stooges” with Jerry Brisco tarnished his legacy, Pat Patterson is one of pro-wrestling's most under-credited and under-recognized individuals as a worker, entertainer and booker.