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Pat Roach (1937-2004)


Real Name - Patrick Roach

Lifespan - 5/19/37 - 7/17/04

6'5" 252 lbs. - Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Athletic Background - Judo (Nat'l Champion `63), Boxing, Football (BAFA League)

Teacher(s) - Jack Taylor, Alf Kent

Professional Background - Britain(`63-`98), IWE(`69), New Japan(`72), Los Angeles(`75), Tri-State(`75), San Francisco(`75)

AliasesLord Patrick Roach

Peak Years - `75-`85

Finisher(s) - 

- One-Arm Backbreaker

- Arm Suplex (Wristock into Throw & Bridge)

- Big Boot

Favorites -

- Reverse Surfboard

- Bridge Counter to Straightjacket Hold

- Bodyslam

- Snap Mare into Sleeper

- European Uppercutt

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set8

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - While he was not the most successful British heavyweight, Pat Roach has probably been seen by more people battling famous good guys than any other British wrestler.  That is because the good guys he fought were James Bond, Indiana Jones, Conan the Barbarian, Robin Hood and even Willow on the big screen.  Pat Roach did have an excellent pro-wrestling career and was a successful heavyweight, although the nickname “Peerless” might not be the most accurate.  An accomplished judo player in his youth, like a number of Britain's best, Pat Roach found himself mixed up in pro-wrestling.  Roach made his way up the ladder working the carnivals in the late 1950s, training under Jack Taylor and even promoting in the Midlands.  Roach was really the complete package.  The Birmingham giant was not only a hard-hitting powerhouse, but was well-conditioned, quick and agile, unlike most British heavyweights.  This allowed Roach to travel widely throughout his career, which was a luxury many top heavyweights had at that time.  He worked in Japan, Germany, South Africa and several territories in the United States.  For some, it seemed that Roach, despite his impressive size and skill, was simply never featured as prominently as he should have by Joint Promotions.  In 1983, Roach was catapulted into mainstream popularity playing Brian "Bomber" Busbridge on the series Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.  The role led him to use handle "Bomber" in the ring and he became a rough blue eye.  Although he did win the British and European heavyweight titles, the scene was in a decline.  Pat Roach wrestled for many more years, but found his true calling as an actor.  He landed parts in Never Say Never Again (an unofficial James Bond film), Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Conan the Destroyer and all three of the Indiana Jones films.  Pat Roach published his memoirs in two parts before his death from throat cancer in 2004.