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"Iceman" King Parsons

Real Name - n/a
Birthdate - ?/?/49
5'10" 245 lbs. - St. Louis, MO

Athletic Background - Boxing

Teacher(s) - Nick Kozak

Professional Background - Houston, Tri-State(`78-`79), Portland(`79-`82), Vancouver(`80-`81), Mid-Atlantic(`82-`83), WCCW(`83-`89), TASW(`85-`87), UWF(`87), USWA(`88-`90), GWF(`92-`94), Indies(`87-`03)

AliasesKing Parsons, Blackbird King Parsons
Athletic background - Boxing

Groups - Blackbirds, Devastation Inc.

Peak Years - `83-`87

Finisher(s) - 
- Butt Bump
- Jumping Lariat

Favorites -
- Jumping Headbutt
- Dropkick
- Armdrag into Armbar
- Hip Toss
- Jabs & Haymaker

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - "Iceman" King Parsons was one of the major stars of World Class during its peak years in the early 80s. Oddly enough he broke into pro-wrestling in Portland, which was a smaller man's territory with excellent workers, Parsons was really neither. He really came into his own in the south, first in Mid-Atlantic where he teamed with Porkchop Cash then his career took off in Texas. He was a basic brawler with a unique style and exceptional mic skills in that day. He coined "rooty poot" (which was reincarnated in a big way years later) and other jive-talk catchphrases. Men like Thunderbolt Patterson, Ernie Ladd and the Junkyard Dog had never really brought their acts to Dallas and King Parsons was of the same mold and got over with a similar promo style.  He was charismatic and feuded with all the top heels, notably Chris Adams and the Freebirds. He even formed a counter-stable called the Blackbirds. Parsons had a few stints as a heel himself, but he is much better remembered as a babyface. Parsons lived off his World Class legacy, working indies into his 50s before Chris Adams' death, after which he called it quits. Iceman Parsons is one of the few survivors of the World Class crew that were young and successful in the decade of excess. He was a little bit older, a little bit more well-traveled and a little bit wiser, which perhaps saved him from getting consumed by that fast-living lifestyle.