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Shinjiro Otani

Real Name - Shinjiro Otani
Birthdate - 7/21/72
6'1" 215 lbs. - Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi, Japan

Athletic Background - Wrestling

Teacher(s) - Animal Hamaguchi; Kotetsu Yamamoto [New Japan Dojo]

Professional Background - New Japan(`92-`01), WCW(`95,`96), Zero-One(`01-`04), HUSTLE(`04-), Zero1-MAX(`05-)

Aliases - Monster Army

Groups - ACHICHI

Peak Years - `95-`03

Finisher(s) - 
- King Cobra Hold (Cobra Clutch)
- Dragon Suplex
- Spiral Bomb
- German Suplex

Favorites -
- Springboard Spin Wheel Kick
- Springboard Dropkick
- Face Wash (Corner Boot Scrapes)
- Finger-biting
- Slap

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - New Japan’s Dojo system has long been heralded for producing some of the best workers in the world, but perhaps no one ever came out of the dojo at a higher level than Shinjiro Otani.  The most unassuming looking pro-wrestler with only a cauliflower ear to display a level of credibility, what he lacked in appearance, he made up for in seemingly every other facet.  Within a couple years of debuting, it a period when New Japan had the best and most competitive junior heavyweight division, Shinjiro Otani was clearly one of the elite.  His athleticism, his intensity and his expressiveness transformed him into an excellent foil to other New Japan stars, gaijins, independent wrestlers, luchadors, shoot-style workers and anyone else who stepped into the ring.  Otani, not yet thirty, was already one of the best in the world.  He partnered with junior powerhouse Tatsuhito Takaiwa to form arguably the best junior tag team in New Japan.  In the late 1990s, New Japan was riding its greatest high and Shinjiro Otani was unquestionable a player in their winning formula.  As the millenium turned, so did Otani’s fortunes.  Under Riki Choshu’s booking, the junior heavyweights were steamrolled and Otani grew disenfranchised.  When the unusual Zero-One split came about, Otani and Takaiwa were amongst the first onboard.  Otani became the #2 star in the company, which seemed to have incredible potential initially, but lost steam quickly.  Operating like a super independent, Zero-One featured tremendous talent and Otani was able to have great matches and be pushed as a legitimate top star.  He formed a partnership with Masato Tanaka, known as “Emblem,” that was arguably the best tag team in the world for a time.  The departure of Shinya Hashimoto saw the company rebrand itself “Zero1 MAX” and essentially continued a similar pattern.  A large percentage of its roster worked for the HUSTLE promotion, including Otani, who adopted a fire monster persona.  In 2007, Shinjiro Otani became the company president of Zero1 MAX and has kept the company afloat in a difficult times.  Now in his forties, Otani is past his peak years, but is still an excellent performer.  Paunchy and balding, he looks unassuming like he did upon his debut, but still has the potential to be one of the best in the world when called upon as has been the case for his twenty year career.