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Atsushi Onita


Real Name - Atsushi Onita
Birthdate - 10/25/57
5'9" 218 lbs. - Nagasaki, Japan

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - [All Japan Dojo]

Professional Background - All Japan(`74-`8?), Memphis(`81), CMLL(`82), FMW(`89-`96), WWA(`91), FMW(`97-`98), Onita Companies(`98-), New Japan(`99-`00), WEW(`02)

AliasesMr. Onita, The Great Nita

Groups - Tojo's Army, ZEN, Team Zero

Peak Years - `89-`95

Finisher(s) - 
- Thunder Fire Powerbomb
- D.D.O. (Snap DDT)

Favorites -
- Jumping DDT
- Side Back Suplex
- Running Headbutt
- Bulldog

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - What a career this man has had. Atsushi Onita was originally brought into All Japan as a charismatic junior charge who'd steal some of the thunder from New Japan's Tiger Mask, it didn't happen and he eventually retired because of a knee injury. Then he rose like phoenix starting the bizarre Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling group, which he would head up. The company soon invented crazy death matches and the rest is garbage wrestling history. FMW became wildly popular for a brief period with big shows doing better business than any indy anywhere in the world. It was soon headed down and while a talented young talent pool saved it, Onita was relegated to leaving and starting lesser groups. A cult favorite to this day, Onita continues to promote with some regularity. After going into semi-retirement, Onita tried his hand successfully in politics and is dedicated to promoting education (he did a "back to school" campaign/publicity stunt). His new authority has given him the stroke and desire to tour continental Asia, which I'm sure he'll spend much of the next decade doing here and there. From an All Japan midcarder to a cult hero to a wrestling ambassador, Atsushi Onita is one of puroresu's great personalities for sure.