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Nikita Koloff


Real Name - Nikita Koloff (formerly "Scott Simpson")
Birthdate - 3/9/59
6'3" 255 lbs. - Golden Valley, MI

Athletic Background - Football (Moorhead University)

Teacher(s) - Eddie Sharkey

Professional Background - JCP/NWA(`84-`88), WCW(`90-`92) 

Aliases - none

Groups - The Russians

Peak Years - `85-`88

Finisher(s) - 
Russian Sickle (Lariat)

Favorites - 
Overhead Forearm
Shoulder Block

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Nikita Koloff was a lot of different things: the typical jacked-up 80s wrestler, a top star largely because of his gimmick, a hard-pushed youngster who never completely lived up to his push. Ivan Koloff had been one of the premier heels of the 70s because he was a talented big man (especially large for the time) and he played the role of a Soviet heel. Nikita, the supposed kin of Ivan, continued that legacy as an even bigger red menace. While Nikita's size and monster heel was impressive, so much so that he eventually had to become a babyface in the territory of monster faces. Being big and muscular was good for getting over, however few big men of that time period were good workers...Nikita Koloff included.  Koloff was pushed hard right into a top spot, but he just didn't reach that level in his overall game. Nikita bounced back and fourth as a midcard heel and a top face, but never quite found a spot and the departure of Dusty Rhodes as booker left his career stagnant. Finally injuries took their toll and Nikita Koloff bowed out in the early 90s.  He went on to become a very successful businessman, motivational speaker and preacher.