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The Neilsons (Art & Stan)

Art Neilson

Real Name - Arthur Nelson

Birthdate - ?? - 10/20/83

5'11" 245 lbs. - Windsor, ONT

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Tennessee(`49-`50), Georgia(`50-`52), Chicago(`53-`54), Amarillo(`55-`56), Georgia(`56), Amarillo(`57-`58), San Francisco(`58), New Mexico(`59), Amarillo(`60), Indianapolis(`61); Vancouver(`65), Winnipeg(`66), Australia(`66-`67), Amarillo(`69), Mid-Atlantic(`70-`72), Georgia(`74), Mid-Atlantic(`81)

Aliases - Art Nelson, Black Phantom, The Avenger, Masked Destroyer

Stan Neilson

Real Name - Stanley Holek

Birthdate - 4/4/33

6'3" 245 lbs. - Chatham, ONT

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Bert Ruby, Larry Chene

Professional Background - Detroit(`51), Chicago(`56-`57), Toronto(`58), Minneapolis(`58-`59), Los Angeles(`60-`61),

Aliases - Stan Holek, Stan Lisowski, Cowboy Elliot Hardy, Stan Lutze

Professional Background (together) - Detroit(`61), AWA(`62), San Francisco(`62), Stampede(`63), Los Angeles(`64)

Peak Years - `62-`63

Place in History

Thirty years before the Monday Night Wars, the only Neilsons that mattered in  pro-wrestling was the “brother” team of Art and Stan that made an impact in the Midwest.  Their early careers paralleled one another and yet their partnership was not built on any sort of prior friendship.  Both men were Ontarians who made their start in Detroit, both tagged with a young talent named Reggie Lisowski (later known as The Crusher) and both were impressive physical specimens with heelish blond hair.  Art Neilson made his way South and whether he was under a hood, sporting bleach blond hair or strutting around in some flamboyant ring jackets, he was a formidable and effective heel.  Neilson was one of a score of legendary wrestlers of the golden age who found himself on the Dumont Network.  Stan Holek’s concurrent rise was a little less notable until he began teaming with Reggie as half of the Lisowski Brothers.  The pair were successful in several promotions before going their separate ways.  Stan hooked up with Art and took the surname Neilson for a few years.  It was a natural pairing in terms of their look and style.  Both were solid heels and always more effective within a team.  The Neilson Brothers worked several territories, but found a level of success in each.  They feuded with memorable babyface teams like Mr. High & Mr. Low and the Flying Scotts, yet they took part in a number of “Battle of Bullies” with the likes of Kenji Shibuya & Mitsu Arakawa and the Von Brauners.  After their run as a team, Art and Stan went on to become respected journeymen who could work anywhere on the card.  Art worked nearly until the end of his life, he booked Amarillo for a time and he famously taught Ric Flair the secrets of blading.  Stan was not as successful, but he found peace as a ranch hand in his later days.  The Neilson Brothers were one of many fake brother teams that came together and had success based on the fact both were skilled veterans and they had a professional chemistry (personally they were not close, which might account for their short run).